And So It Begins…

28 Mar

Slow and unpretentious. That’s how it starts.
But then I keep going, and eventually (before it becomes rambling that may make sense only to me) it starts to sound like non-rhyming poetry. (And thus potentially pretentious.)

Welcome to my Live-Journal.

I won’t say I hope you enjoy your stay, nor do I want you to leave.
I’m just sitting here and writing because I’m in a mood to write. It’s a stream of consciousness entry, which just happens to be the first. Others are likely to be in different formats: Secret Activist Peace Plans. Movie thots and reviews. Non-Rhyming Poetry. Song Lyrics. Movie quotes. There will also be (I’m sure) many of the obligatory Star Wars references. Possibly I may even write a few of your traditional journal entries, you know, stuff like, “I’m still in love with Her…They’re acting evil…She doesn’t love me…I miss So And So…why doesn’t He like Her, etc….Soap-Opera-esque…but with my own poetic flavor (I.E. “It’s not that I miss you, it’s that you don’t live up to my fantasy of you”). (Isn’t that a great line?)
Saw The Pianist today. I figure I should document the fact that I saw it because, even tho I save ticket stubs, this one won’t evoke a memory since it doesn’t say the name of the movie on it. I won’t even save this one. In fact it’s being thrown out right now. Like there’s some mystical place called Away that we can throw things to when we don’t want them anymore. A “labor camp” for trash.
You know what’s long overdue in the history of the human race? Some huge display of intense goodness. After all we’ve had more than enuff displays of tremendous evil done by people. We have yet to see a real movement of goodness to match. It’s never happened. I mean sure, in the face of great adversity (like the holocaust) there are humans who rise up and do noble things and save lives. But these noble things are only noble in the face of great adversity. Out of context, they wouldn’t really be significant. Nor should saving other people’s lives really be necessary. Ever. Idealistically speaking of course. But there has never been a huge movement where people infringe kindness upon others for no particular reason, other than to do good. Maybe the hippie movement. I’m not talking the occasional Mother Theresa, or even charities and organizations like the Red Cross. I’m talking a historical movement that would change the world. Think about it. What if there was really a huge, global, movement for peace? (Sort of like there is right now, but one that was actually unified and powerful.) What if it somehow caused the dismantling of all weapons everywhere? What if it created a system that grants free (or affordable, for those who can afford it) health care to everyone of all ages on every piece of land on the globe? What if it realized that “peace” is more than a lack of violence? I don’t know how it would do it. But I think that, even if it turns out to be a failed experiment, it should happen. It’s just about a guarantee that it’d be better than war. And now a random song quote:

“it’s kinda like our running joke
but it’s really not funny
i just want you to live up to
the image of you i create
i see you and i’m so unsatisfied

when i say you sucked my brain out
the english translation
is i am in love with you
and it is no fun
but i don’t use words like love
‘cuz words like that don’t matter”
~ Ani Di Franco, Dilate

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I shall retire. (Heh, I knew I’d get around to a Star Wars quote eventually.)


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