17 Apr

Caught in between a swirling concoction composed of:

”Lifting the sanctions imposed on Iraq 12 years ago would unfreeze the country’s oil revenues which could then be used for the reconstruction of the country, as the US wants.


”Both the UK and the US have argued that, having deposed Saddam Hussein, they have a right to play a leading role in the future of Iraq.”


“The pillaging has ravaged the irreplaceable Babylonian, Sumerian and Assyrian collections that chronicled ancient civilization in Mesopotamia, and the losses have triggered an impassioned outcry in cultural circles. “


”A statue of Saddam Hussein was pulled down on Wednesday, in the most staged photo-opportunity since Iwo Jima.”


“ 65 days until Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix arrives”


”actors on the latest Star Wars film watch instant replays of their battles with CG characters”


“Gnosticism offered an elaborate mythological system with a hierarchy of many spiritual forces who together comprised the “fullness,” or pleroma, and Christ was one being among this great array. At the lowest level of this hierarchy was a deranged god called the Demiurge, the God of the Old Testament, who created our deeply flawed material world.”


”I would say that this film is an adventure story even though there is no brandishing of weapons or battles involving supernatural powers. However, this story is not a showdown between right and wrong. It is a story in which the heroine will be thrown into a place where the good and the bad dwell together, and there she will experience the world. She will learn about friendship and devotion, and will survive by making full use of her brain. She sees herself through the crisis, avoids danger and gets herself back to the ordinary world somehow. She manages not because she has destroyed the ‘evil’ but because she has acquired the ability to survive.”     – Hayao Miyazaki, talking about Spirited Away (from the DVD)


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