Quick Update: Just to Prove I’m Still Alive

24 Apr

    So my computer has been processing a ten second effects shot for about three days now. I’m almost done with it. And then I’ll be essentially completed with my Special Effects class. After that I only have three final papers to write. Of course there’s only one week left, and today is done already, essentially, since there’s class, then dinner, then the Mod Lottery (which hopefully means I will be living in a Mod next year….hopefully) and then the poetry slam on the front lawn where Laurel and Gideon will be performing, and then there’s Regina Spektor in the tavern, and Hampshire Idol at the same time, and then the day is over. More or less. Fortunately there’s another day tomorrow.

    We’ll see how that goes. Maybe I can email Todd back about my job at camp this summer, and complete my Div II contract (finally) and get enuff research done to start my final paper for Bible class, and finish my special effects assynment (and then post it online so all you fine folks can watch it) and figure out what my topics will be for American Film Rennaissance and Ancient Epic. (Something about Network and maybe The Truman Show, and something about Gilgamesh.) Oh yeah, plus I have to read part of the Bible and The Tain for monday. I’m going to stop making a to do list in my journal now. I’m still alive tho. Just so you know.


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