Woohooo!!!!! I’m Done!!!!!

12 May

      Yup. That’s the official announcement. I am now done with the semester, heck, the year, at Hampshire. I know you were all waiting on tenderhooks to find that out. So yeah, it’s great to be at home, and to not have a schedule, or a job, or anything, and to just be expected to hang out and chill for a month until I go off to camp and try to make Timberlake have more campers next year, rather than the (now unfortunately traditional) less. Plus, in the month while I’m here, in addition to visiting assorted people around the country on assorted weekends, I’m also gonna try and make a short film with my brother and his friends. And by “film” I of course mean “video.” Right. So now that it’s online I guess it’s official. I’ll have to actually do it now. The time has come for a poem. (Poem? Huh? Yeah. Bet ya’ll didn’t know that, huh? Good thing I’m here to tell you these things.) “Chewie, take the professor into the back and plug him into the hyperdrive.” (Which reminds me, Chewie is in Episode III. Which is kinda cool, but I hope it’s not too big a role, cause I don’t want the galaxy far far away to be a really tiny one.) Now the poem:

In an isolated area of a place in a city in a state in a country where
everything and nothing mattered at once, a mourning dove alit.

The single mother sat down to breakfast and asked Please pass the

and the bowl was empty.

Outside the cars they flew
sprouting wings bigger and better and ugly.
But they were guaranteed Top of the Line
so people didn’t mind too much.

one of them hit a girl who was once promised an education in
Three Easy Steps and Four Cheap Installments

A friend of the girl, a child from down the street
grew up without her.
He always got As in school and soon went to
The College of The Very Bright and Gifted
where he graduated top of the class and went on to become
The Head Producer of Something Very Important.

And the child never saw his kids
and never saw a sunset
and never knew his wife and never lived
but he died.
And life went on.

And the country buzzed and jibbered, swelled and reached the top
over the Did You Just Hear? and the Can You Believe It?
and although no one much enjoyed it they couldn’t seem to stop.

One day too hot or day too cold someone’s
great grandfather once removed
noticed that walls and sides of buses and hockey rinks
and everywhere else that used to be empty and blank
                  were now filled with Things To Do and Stuff To Buy
and now someone’s great grandfather once removed
no longer had to think or dream or imagine by himself,
and he suffocated.

And the people in this place anxiously antici
pated the brandnewromanticcomedyactionpackedsuspensethrilleroftheyear
that was supposed to revolutionize the world
And no one really noticed when it never came.

In an isolated area of a place in a city in a state in a country where
everything and nothing mattered at once,
a mourning dove took to the sky.
       ~ Kate Bonner-Jackson

I guess it’s a sad poem. I love it tho.

p.s. does anyone know who Kate Bonner-Jackson is? Are you Kate Bonner-Jackson?


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