What’s Already Past, and What’s Happened in the Future

21 May

     So, in the spirit of that excerpt, I sat down to write an update on the road trip from which I am recently returned. The last time I was at Sarah’s and then Shaye’s house, CNN was putting on this reality series called “Operation Iraqi Freedom” (or something like that.) I was watching it more frequently than is healthy. The lack of it this time around brot it back to mind. Particularly memorable was the episode entitled “Shock and Awe” in which their cameras and reporters (all of which recorded and reported the action in unedited real time, kinda like “The Real World” or “Survivor.”) showed how pretty bomb explosions can look. As if we didn’t already know from movies. Regardless, the point is I think it got fairly good ratings, and considering it was the first such real-time, 24 hours a day, reality show, I imagine a sequel of sorts is in the works. However, the real (other) point is that this time, at Sarah’s and Shaye’s house, this wasn’t on, and so I didn’t watch it.
     Instead, new memories were made. And lots of roller coasters were ridden. And chocolate was purchased. And movies were discussed. And Magic was played. And a bit of script writing was done, tho mostly there was just thinking about the script. There were a lot of birds in Washington D.C. And I’ve seen Matrix Reloaded twice now, which reminds me that I need to start writing about movies on this LiveJournal thing. That’ll probably be next. Look for impassioned essays about the much maligned Star Wars prequels (Likely focusing on why they deserve more love than they get), and a few reasons for the existence of the “Zion Rave Scene” in Reloaded, among other morsels of digital vernacular.


One Response to “What’s Already Past, and What’s Happened in the Future”

  1. peregrineflcn May 22, 2003 at 5:31 am #

    Shock and Awe
    It was kind of dismaying that we could not sit there and snicker at sayings like “Bush, the Evil One” or “Operation Iraqi Freedom”. But rest assured that what the news isn’t covering in world wide reality tv shows, it’s making up for with sappy, blown out of proportion local news stories about the weather and murders. And the terror alert is still up and functioning. Be afraid, America, be very afraid.

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