Zion Raving

23 May

Anthony Zerbe
        Since there have been requests for my thots on the Zion rave scene, I will post them now, tho I have more thots on Reloaded and The Matrix in general. And I will probably post thots on Star Wars before I get to them.
Morpheus the Preacher
        If a Matrix film must have one gratuitous scene in it, I would prefer gratuitous sex over gratuitous violence, such as the lets watch Neo and Trinity use “lots of guns” to kill all the elevator lobby security guards who are only there to be killed anyways and never mind that they are the “very people we are trying to save” scene in the first Matrix. However, I do think that the Zion rave scene isn’t completely gratuitous. First of all, it’s a scene early in a four hour plus movie which we’ve only seen the first half of, and therefore may be setup for something. Tho I doubt it.
Zion Cheer
        As it stands, the Zion Rave Scene in Reloaded serves several purposes that I can think of. First of all, it’s a parallel to the Matrix Rave Scene in The Matrix in which Neo and Trinity meet for the first time during a rave of sorts. In Reloaded, Neo and Trinity have sex (for the first time?) during a rave of sorts. Their relationship has passed from talking inside a simulation, to sex inside (what they believe to be) the real world.
Zion overhead
        Second the scene portrays humans in a very instinctual and animalistic light. In a movie largely concerned with our relationship to machines, this is significant. Humans jump with their bare feet in the mud, they throw each other into the air, they have sex, they kiss, they wear next to nothing, (if they aren’t completely naked), and they shout for joy at their own existence.
Link and Zee
        They are drenched in hormones, sweat, and mud. And they like it.
It is silly looking, perhaps irrational behavior, and it’s something that the machines probably can’t understand, and certainly don’t engage in. I imagine this is (at least part of) why the humans do engage in it. The machines may be artificially intelligent, but they still aren’t human. They’re only machine. Perhaps the scene where Persephone kisses Neo is another way of showing that the machines (assuming Persephone is a machine or program…is she?) desire to feel exactly what humans feel.
        Even thruout this seemingly gratuitous reminder of how animals differ from machines, there are constant reminders of how the humans/animals depend on machines. Neo and Trinity sport plug-in ports all over their bodies. The music we hear (while not necessarily what those in Zion are hearing) is made with a machine, even tho it is the most naturistic of the songs on the soundtrack. This ties the scene in nicely to the later one in which Neo is shown the engineering level of Zion and the life support systems for the (perceived) real world.
Engineering Level
        For whatever reason, even if just because it strikes you as completely un-needed, the Zion rave scene stands out after watching Reloaded. It’s memorable. And to be fair, it isn’t really a rave in the traditional sense of the word. There are no drugs, and no alcohol. The intent is not to be an escape. Indeed, it seems the opposite. These Zion ravers are celebrating their bodies and the existence of a world for said bodies. They are feeling the ground with their feet. They are letting fabric drape their bodies, while limbs and nipples seem to yearn for freedom even from these simple cotten garments. They are jumping, leaping, and being thrown through the air because it is a unique feeling, and no machine can ever experience it. They are flirting. They are having sex. They are being humans who are very (perhaps solely) aware of their body’s needs, desires, and pleasures. And thankfully, there is no footage of Zion citizens going to the bathroom, or eating, tho this too would achieve the same thing. It’s simply more cinematic as a Zion Rave. All that said, it still may go on for a bit too long. But then again, I haven’t seen how the movie ends yet, since Revolutions isn’t available until August. Perhaps such a long scene is necessary. It did inspire such a long journal entry after all.


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