I Don’t Know

26 May

       The problem with believing that programming is, for all intents and purposes, an invisible sentient force in the world, is that it makes getting up and doing something seem, at times, completely pointless. The largest amount of positivity, inteligence, care, love, joy, pleasure, etc. in the world will not, ever, overcome evil. It is impossible. The nature of evil is such that the only thing that can destroy it is evil itself. Which means that until evil is allowed to endure, and thus destroy itself, the world will, well, have a lot of evil in it. Which kinda makes getting up and doing something, anything, seem trivial. That’s just the mood I’m in right now tho.
       I know the truth is slightly different. I know that the more positivity people make, the more of it there will be in the future. I know that a small good thing, even just a thot, is immensely powerful in the larger scheme of things. I know (and by “know” I mean “believe” since it is, of course, impossible to know anything for sure) that one of the special roles/abilities of humans is our power to ground positivity into the future.
       Quite remarkable that simple writing can do so much to change my mood. And so now, after an exhausting weekend visiting my cousins in Maine, and seeing Reloaded one more time, and not getting much sleep on their couch, and helping with their impromptu yard sale, and playing simple arcade games on the computer, I’m going to make some popcorn and lie in bed watching Boy Meets World. Goodnight Zion.
       That is all.


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