28 May

It’s out officially, so the filmmakers aren’t trying to keep it a secret. It hints at what really happened at the end of Reloaded, and what may happen regarding Trinity in Revolutions, so if you really don’t want to know anything at all until you see the film, don’t read it:

Transcript from “Enter The Matrix” video game, Niobe and the Oracle have a conversation:

ORACLE: Niobe…..

NIOBE: Do I know you?

ORACLE: You know me, though you just may not recognize me.

NIOBE: Are you telling me that you are the Oracle?

ORACLE: I know this may not be easy for any of you, change never is. I wish the face you remember was the face I was still wearing, but that face is gone.

NIOBE: If you are the Oracle, tell me if I believe you are.

ORACLE: You don’t right now, but you will.

NIOBE: Are you going to tell me something to make me believe you?

ORACLE: Come on Niobe, you know I can’t do that.

NIOBE: Why not?

ORACLE: Because I cannot make you do anything.

NIOBE: At least you sound the same.

ORACLE: As I said, you may not recognize the face, but who and what I am underneath remains the same.

NIOBE: Can I ask what happened?

ORACLE: The Merovingian warned me, that If I made a certain choice it would cost me. He is, among other things, a man of his word.

NIOBE: What was the choice?

ORACLE: The same one you yourself will have to make: The choice to help Neo or not.

NIOBE: Then Neo is still alive?

ORACLE: Yes, he touched the source and seperated his mind from his body. Now he lies trapped in a place between your world and ours.

NIOBE: Can we free him?

ORACLE: Trinity can, but she will have to fight her way through hell to do it.

NIOBE: Can I help?

ORACLE: That’s why I called you. I cannot tell you what is going to happen. All I can do is hope that if given the chance, you will find the courage to do what you can.

NIOBE: You once told me you knew everything you needed to.

ORACLE: I do. I knew everything from the begining of this path to the end.

NIOBE: I don’t understand.

ORACLE: Even I can’t see beyond the end.

NIOBE: The end? Are you trying to tell me the world is going to end?

ORACLE: Yes. If we cannot save it, it will end.

NEO: You mean Neo.

ORACLE: I mean we. The path of the one is made by the many. I have a role to play just as you have yours.

It also hints at how they’re going to explain a different actress playing The Oracle in Revolutions.


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