Episode III Speculation…Yay!!!!

29 May

This is a section from the latest Star Wars Homing Beacon from the Official Site (Click Here to sign up if you want.)

The man quoted is Iain McCaig, a member of the art department for all of the prequels:

In Episode I, when we saw Jake Lloyd, we wondered where’s the dark side? Why isn’t this kid creepy?” recounts McCaig. “And then, in Episode II, Hayden Christensen came across as a justifiably angry teenager more than a kid who crosses over to the true dark side. Killing the Sand People… they killed his mom! I could go mad and do something like that. So, I kept waiting for the dark side to take hold. In this film, you realize, it’s more about Anakin making the wrong choices. He’s given a glorious moment by George — I’m so happy with part of the script — where he truly has to make a choice. In the end, I think that’s a smarter way to go than a slow transformation. It’s more tragic this way.”

Tragedy follows the beautiful Amidala as well. Since Episode I, McCaig has helped develop Padmé’s intricate costumes, which often serve as reflections of her political position, and where she is in her life. “What are we wearing this year in Star Wars?” smiles McCaig. “In Episode I, she was the Queen, and she was wearing disguises. I once said she should be able to slip out of the back of the costume, and you’d never know she was gone. Ironically, in this one, she’s back to wearing disguises. As well as now hiding this marriage to a Jedi, which is not allowed, she has to hide the fact that she’s going to have babies. All of the costumes had to disguise these facts.”

She’s going to have babies? She hasn’t had them yet? Will she not have them until after the film? Do we not get to see how Leia ends up on Alderaan and Luke on Tatooine? Or will there be two infants as luggage during part of Episode III? Watch Jar-Jar save one of them or something. Maybe he saves Luke, and Chewie saves Leia.


3 Responses to “Episode III Speculation…Yay!!!!”

  1. peregrineflcn May 30, 2003 at 6:34 am #

    Attack of the Questions
    Why can’t they just kill Jar-Jar off? I mean, it’s partially his fault that the whole war even started, yes? And who in their right mind would slaughter a bunch of people just because they killed his/her mum? And I want to see cute little Luke and Leia.

    • youngjedi May 30, 2003 at 9:43 pm #

      Re: Attack of the Questions
      “..who in their right mind…” Yes, that’s the point, Anakin is not in his right mind. He’s a spoiled little bratty jerk! Poor Padme for falling in love w/him. He seems like a potentially abusive partner. She’s in for a difficult relationship. She seems strong enuff to keep herself away from such a situation, you’d think.

  2. junorhane May 31, 2003 at 11:16 am #

    Jar-Jar’s purpose
    Well, I suppose you could say Jar-Jar had a hand in starting the war, but it was going to happen anyways. It was all orchestrated by Darth Sidious, Darth Tyranus, Palpatine, Count Dooku, and Sypho-Dias, many of whom are likely the same person. Jar-Jar is responsible for the Empire. Even there tho, it’s unfair to blame him for it since he’s too innocent (perhaps stupid) to have known what he did. Plus he was manipulated. The real question is, since they won’t kill him (even if starting the war was his fault, no one knows it, except those who might want him alive to manipulate him again…) what is he still in the story for? He was necessary in Episode I (if not also overused) and was an important part of Episode II’s plot, as already touched upon. So what does he do in Episode III? He’s “friends” with Padme, and Anakin. Obi-Wan seems to ignore him as much as possible. He’s probably connected with the babies in some way or another, as much as people will hate the idea of Jar Jar being responsible for Luke. That’d be neat in a way tho, since he’d be “responsible” for both the Empire, and the Emperor’s downfall. He’d better have something important to do in Episode III to make his extensive role in Episode I worth it. That is all. For now.

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