Star Wars Entry: Episode II

12 Jun

Ralph McQuarrie Production Art

I’m not sure if this is a prequel or a sequel to my last entry….but at the very least it’s some mix of the two.

An artist paints a picture which meets with unprecedented success. He paints two more in the same style. They too meet with the kind of success the medium has never before seen or anticipated. The trilogy of paintings becomes wildly popular, copied, distributed, loved, and (for lack of a better word) worshipped. Nobody can really make sense of this phenomenon. Twenty years later, the artist goes back and adds some blotches of color to the original three paintings. A lot of fans scream “why did you do that? You ruined my favorite paintings, they were fine(even perfect) before!” The artist replies “They weren’t finished before. I just had to wait until these new colors were invented. Now they feel more complete to me.”

Do the fans have a right to say that the artist is wrong? Are they entitled to say that he ruined the world that the paintings portray? Does the artist have the right to say that the original “incomplete” versions of the paintings will never again be publically released? Do the fans have the right to demand otherwise?

Three years after that, the artist returns, and makes three more paintings in the series. They’re in the same medium, and done in the same style as the original three, but somehow, in an unprecedented way, they change how the first three paintings look without actually changing them at all.
The complaints of the fans are similar, tho with mixed praise for continuing the world that they have come to love.

Are the fans entitled to their opinion on what the painted world should be like? Since it is the fans that are solely responsible for the phenomenon surrounding the paintings, are they entitled to have a say in what goes into future paintings in the series? I don’t know, but I’m inclined to side with the artist.

Coruscant Production art


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