The Screwiness of The World

20 Aug

    &nbsp So, this one time, at F&W camp, Jeff was eating an orange, and then he put it down and left it, and then he came back, apologized to it for leaving it, and said “a fool and his orange are soon parted.” Then he blinked a couple of times and said, “no wait, that makes me the fool.” Then he ate the orange.
    &nbsp Bowling For Columbine came out on DVD today. I don’t have it yet, but I did read an article in Rolling Stone about how Canada’s marijuana laws are a lot more logical than America’s. Another reason to live to there. Not that I smoke, but still, it just means they aren’t in denial.
    &nbsp One more final thot for the day, before I go to sleep: I don’t have to wait until December!! We just figured out that we can see each other in October! For more than 12 hours! It’s all just going to show that the world isn’t entirely screwy, just mostly.


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