But, Why Is It Called The Order Of The Phoenix? What’s So Important About Fawkes???

29 Aug

         So, about a week ago, upon returning and unpacking from camp, I began to re-read Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix. It was a reread without camp and camper distraction, and with knowledge of the story, tho it was also without SK. The beginning of this book will always have certain memories attached to it, which will always affect the reading experience. But it is really the end of the book that changes everything. Say what you will about Books Three or Four being the turning points in the Harry Potter story, there’s arguments for both, but Book Five is the one that changes everything. And these are not childrens books. At least, not anymore.

If you haven’t yet read Book Five, or for some peculiar reason don’t want to, you may want to skip the rest of this entry. I will spoil the story for you if you don’t know it already. Foolish Muggle.


    Speaking of foolish muggles, I find it interesting that the most commonly used “magic word” in the muggle world (aside from “please”) is Abracadabra – obviously a derivitave of Avada Kedavra….odd, since anyone who hears that isn’t supposed to live to tell about it. Then again, such a boy who lived is Harry Potter. Anywho, since I’ve already said it, I suppose I should now explain why Book Five is the one that changes everything. Harry Potter’s world is (almost) fully revealed in it, and it’s a place i’m not sure I’d like. It’s a place that he’s not sure he likes either, tho I suspect that he is starting to like Luna Lovegood. (I wonder if her last name is a hint to what she will become to Harry?)
    The Order Of The Phoenix is all about shattering illusions. You must unlearn what you have learned. The horseless carriages at Hogwarts aren’t horseless. Dumbledore isn’t emotionless; he can cry. Harry isn’t like his father, but his father doesn’t seem like somebody to look up to. Hagrid isn’t a just a friendly half-breed, if you make him mad…well, let’s just say it’s not wise to upset the Hagrid. Aunt Petunia isn’t really a witch and wizard hater, she has knowledge of the magical world, and a fear of Voldemort (and is her original last name Evans too??). Hogwarts isn’t an impenetrable fortress, it’s not a safe haven, immune from the larger world; it can become a near military institution in a matter of months (especially if Detestable Dolores Umbridge is involved). “Loony” Lovegood might not be so loony. Wizards and Witches aren’t any better at being human than Muggles are. Dumbledore isn’t “the only one Voldemort ever feared” because he is so powerful, it’s just because he knew the entire prophecy. Sirius may have been Harry’s best friend and father rolled into one, but he’s not anymore…

Wizard duel

    You know that scene in The Matrix when Cypher is talking to Neo, who’s just been told of the prophecy? “So, did he tell you why you’re here?” “Yeah.” “Wow. What a mindjob, huh? So, you’re here to save the world. Christ, what do you say to something like that??” Good question, but I have to say, Neo has nothing on Harry Potter. All he has to do is save the world. That’s easy knowledge to live with. Chapter 37, “The Lost Prophecy” (or as I call it, Dumbledore Explains and Changes Everything) has Harry being told, essentially, this:

You’re here to be killed. Or to kill. And the only advantage you have over He-Who-Must-Be-Killed is love.

Now that’s a “mindjob.” It’s also a pretty damn good setup for what i’m sure will be an incredibly intense story somewhere in book seven. I imagine that ultimately, Tom Riddle Voldemort is going to “die” in the same way that Darth Vader “dies.” And obviously Harry Potter and his love will have something to do with it. How this will happen tho, I really have no idea. Perhaps Wormtail is involved, since he owes his life to Harry Potter. Since it’s as important as life or death that Lily’s blood is in Petunia, it’s important too i’m sure that Harry’s blood and Wormtail’s blood run through Voldemort’s veins.

”He was – he had always been – a marked man. It was just that he had never really understood what that meant….”

    Anyways, back to the book. The character developments in this book are fabulous. I loved Ginny before, but she’s turning out to be even more of an important and not to be underestimated character than I thot. Yay! (I still wish she and Harry would have a relationship, but…we’ll see.) And then there’s Neville. The other Boy who lived, who might not have lived, or something. I hope that when he gets his own wand (he’s been using his father’s!!) he really comes into his own where magic is concerned. I loved everything about D.A. That’s how it has to work, they have to join together, even reluctantly, to overcome what they’re against. As they’ve been told repeatedly by many, including the sorting hat, it is the very act of joining together that will overcome.
    Of course, I suppose I must concede that the book doesn’t change everything: Harry is still saved by Dumbledore, repeatedly. He is still dependent on those around him. I suppose tho, that that is the point. It would be nice to have Harry triumph on his own. It would be nice to see him not need to be rescued. But maybe the point is that you can’t triumph alone. You need to be together to triumph, otherwise, you will need to be rescued by those who are older, wiser, and stronger.
    The existence of ghosts, and why not everyone who dies becomes one, is finally explained. The reason for Professor Trelawney is explained. Snape’s mission for the Order is, hinted at, but we all pretty much assumed he was a spy of some sort. It’s just that now we now he does it because he’s good at occlumency, and Voldemort can’t tell when he’s lying. There’s still the question of what he told Voldemort to get him to trust him in the first place…and the even bigger question of why Dumbledore unflinchingly trusts him….but there are two more books coming. And speaking of unanswered questions, since everything in Harry Potter’s world seems to have a reason for being there, what is the point of Professor Binns?? Why is he there? Why did Dumbledore hire him? And I’m confused, is Minerva McGonagall a member of The Order of the Phoenix or not? She isn’t in the picture of the original Order, but she’s certainly old enuff to have been a member. She was at the Dursleys when Harry was first delivered to them. Harry assumes she’s in the Order later on in the book, and isn’t contradicted, but she’s never at HQ, and never seems to be doing work for them.

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