When they wrote it on the wall

8 Sep

       This one time, at F&W camp, I led a day Adventure hike from my camp to another nearby camp. Unfortunately, I had never hiked to this camp before, and didn’t know how to get there. We got lost. Several times. Fortunately, being lost was more fun than knowing our way. We bushwacked around the lake, thru some nice people’s yards, and into some marsh. Unfortunately, it poured buckets and thundered and flashed lightning at us on the way. Fortunately, this was more fun than hiking in the sun. We had to hike up a ridge by following a stream as it tried to push us downhill with its current and the rain soaked our clothes (and map) completely thru. Our boots squished out water everytime we stepped. After it stopped raining, we tried to find another stream to hike in, but we failed. Eventually, we found the camp, took off our clothes, and ran into the lake. It started to pour again. Despite the large risk involved in swimming in a lake during a lightning storm, I highly recommend it. It’s an awesome thing to be totally surrounded by water, and have sheets of it pelting down all around you, limiting your vision. And that was just one day in the life…yeah, I miss camp.
       So, seeing as I haven’t updated this in a while, I figured I should, but I don’t really have a topic or anything. School started again, for any random stranger who happens to be reading this and doesn’t know (yet cares). They’re busy filming the final confrontation in principal photography for Episode III. And my classes are really cool, except that i’m only in two, and being a TA for the third. Hopefully i’ll be able to make some short films in the extra time. Logan and Popo, coming to a VCR near you. Hehe
       And life will find a way. Waiting and seeing does work. Greg is living proof. Something will come up. Something will change. Things will work out. I truly believe that, to the point that I know it is true. Which is why I’m not too worried about Rhea et. al. even tho they have no idea what they are really doing. Easton could end up living in his car, from what I can see. Rhea doesn’t know what house they are moving to in California at the end of this month. But it will all work out. Whatever is supposed to happen will. And it will be good, in the long run. The only problem is that things are sad right now. Which brings us back, of course, to waiting and seeing. Which reminds me of (besides Hallie) Logan, because he is an extra in The Cider House Rules, which quotes “waiting and seeing” a lot. Which reminds me of Logan and Popo, since Logan is Logan and Popo, which reminds me that I should probably be working on that or something, to warrant the insane amount of money that is going towards my being here. Stupid money. Nevermind, the insane amount of money that is going towards my being here is irrelevant, since it shouldn’t exist. I should be enabled to go here since here is where I need to be. Money is not an issue. Oh, and my Artifact and Word course is really cool. We learned what the caves of Altamira really are, which is significant because it sheds light on the meaning of a certain Steely Dan song. And if I sit here and keep typing I have no idea what will come out, tho I imagine that all those random people who happen to read this wouldn’t really stick around long enuff to find out. And neither will I.

P.S. I pickle SK more than cheese can describe.


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