23 Years Is Shorter Than Forever

12 Sep

Standing here, the Old Man said to me “Man, before these crowded streets, here stood my dreaming tree.”
Below it he would sit, for hours at a time, now Progress takes away what Forever took to find.

         This one time, at F&W camp, the entirety of Otters Cabin, (the pride and joy of D-Bar and I) (eh…er…right. Pride and Joy…) started to play worm wars as a cabin activity. For the uninitiated, worm wars is when get inside your sleeping bag, stick your head out, and try and knock each other over without using any limbs. It’s highly amusing to watch, and highly dangerous to play. I decided that if they were going to play, they were going to do it right, so we lined the cabin floor with mattresses, and made a “safety word” (I think it was cucumber, or carrot, or something) so that one could stop the game without losing face. Then they went at it, and those few who weren’t playing at first stood around the sidelines, taking pictures like sports journalists. Eventually, the lure of the worm had encompassed them all, and the game went on. Until, for some reason, (heat?) they started taking their clothes off while in their sleeping bags. One thing lead to another (I won’t pretend to know what things) and eventually they were almost all naked, and hot, and eager to streak all of camp. It had started to rain, adding to the appeal of running outdoors naked. They settled on streaking only first and big lodge (four cabins, total) before returning, gleeful, to their home base. It was really funny to hear how thrilled they were at their conquest, some claiming that it was the best thing they had ever done at TL, and others saying that they finally had some really exciting news to write home about. And to think that was only the evening, of one day, of the entire summer… (It is relevant to note that thereafter, among certain cabins, Otters was known as “Streakers”.)

         So, I come back to my house for the weekend, since it will no longer be my house after this month, and find that they have started constructing some ugly large thing across the street. All of the trees are gone. The light from the hotel is visible now, the sound from the highway is louder. The huge construction machines make clashing, banging, and scraping noises and unsightly piles of dirt where the trees and their pleasing appearance used to be. Where’s an Ent when you need one?

then the coal company came with the world’s largest shovel,
and they tortured the timber and stripped all the land
they tore it all up until the land was forsaken,
then they wrote it all down as the progress of man…

         On the plus side, I got to see our new RV, recently acquired for the purposes of moving our cats across the country to California. With a microwave, oven, stove, shower, bathroom, and double bed, it’s more equipped than my dorm. It’s also really quiet to sleep in where it is now, parked in our back yard. No loud teenagers, and the construction site’s noise pollution is mostly blocked by our house. I slept really well in the silence, surrounded by Hallie’s Absence. Then I woke up late, and read of The Other Wind. I hope Sparrowhawk gets his powers back. I’ve hoped that since The Farthest Shore.
         For all of those Spirits, Angels, and Other Dimensional Beings who may or may not use what happens here in this world to create the future, consider the following:
– This weekend, I went home. So did Hallie.
– Two weekends from now, I am going to help move one of Hallie’s Friends mother out of her apartment.
– Two weekends from now, Greg is going to begin helping move my mother and the rest of the family, out to California.
– Easton was going to stay here to live with a friend in his house. The friends’ mother approved, his father did not.
– Chris, Easton’s friend who has been living with us, was going to live with his mother. The “father” didn’t approve.
– Neither Chris nor Easton know where they are going to live.
– Charlie, Easton’s other friend who has been living with us, is going to live with his mother in Arizona, but is going to California with us first, and then flying.
         So, it’s possible that everyone (except Tiz) will be tripping it out to CA come the end of this month. It’s also possible that only Rhea, Zoe, Womark, and Charlie (and Greg) will go. It’s like one big puzzle (or perhaps strategy game) of seeming circumstance, perhaps luck, and maybe design. Are we pawns or players? Both? What is going on? At least we’ll know by the end of the month, because we have to.
         In the meantime, it comes back to waiting and seeing. I’m off to try and find a power cord for my camera and a tiny microwave for my dorm. If you see me in the near future off in a corner, grinning like a giddy school boy, or being overcome by shivers of excitement, it’s because i’m seeing Hallie in two weeks from now.

P.S. this is what part of the alphabet would look like if Q and R were gone.

P.P.S. Is “they tore it all up ’till the land was forsaken” the right line?? I can’t remember.

p.p.p.s. Is “SEX KITTEN” both the singular and plural?


3 Responses to “23 Years Is Shorter Than Forever”

  1. Anonymous September 12, 2003 at 10:13 pm #

    hey bro
    i’m glad you have a nice quiet place to sleep as opposed to hte hampshire dorms. you could go to school here, god knows my dorms as quiet as if every were sleeping 24/7. i didn’t know greg is going to go to CA! that’s cool. too bad i’m not coming ome this weekend to chill w. you one last time in the danvers house, but i know that i will see you sometime in the near future (halloween?)i’m so happy you’re going to see hallie… try to keep busy! pierre is comin to see me 2nite:) i’ll talk to you later, say hi to rhea for me!!!
    <3, Amy

  2. chesire_smile September 12, 2003 at 11:24 pm #

    Yep. SEX KITTEN is both singular and plural. Convienent, na? Is it silly to be so excited to see my name in your lj? Thats the first time you have mentioned me by name. I would love you see you giddy as a school boy. I guess I will have to wait two more weeks (exactly!!) to see it, na? Kisses to the cats and Rhea, Zoe and Womark.

    • junorhane September 13, 2003 at 12:08 am #

      Look! A herd of SEX KITTEN!! hehe…
      “Is it silly to be so excited to see my name in your lj?”
      Well, it’s no sillier than me being giddy as a school boy. Kisses to the cats, Rhea, Zoe, and Womark are covered, so no worries there.

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