Playground Hopping

13 Sep

 &nbsp&nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Well, now i’m exhausted. Mandi and I went to a playground today. It rocked. At least, that was the plan. We went to one playground, and quickly exhausted all that it had to offer. (Who the heck designed a playground without regular swings??) So then we decided to go to another playground, and invented the soon-to-be-popular pastime of Playground Hopping, the alternative to Bar Hopping (for grown-ups not quite so motivated to spend time limiting inhibitions and wallowing in smoke filled rooms). The second playground, flanked by sports fields, had several very important things that the other one did not: swings, a curly slide, and an ice cream truck. Somehow, the ice cream truck vanished before we could partake in the sweet cream treats it must have offered. This, well, basically, this sucked. The playground was great tho, despite saying “for ages 4-12” on it. I’m 12.
 &nbsp&nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp If anybody wants to be rich, they need to start the first chain of grown-up playgrounds. Actually, i’m not sure how that would give you any money, but it would make you famous, and I’d be forever grateful. Just think of it, thousands of stuffy business men could push each other on swings during their lunch break, or jump on bouncy castles. Plus, there would be curly slides that are actually sized properly. Does anyone not want that?? Honestly, I think that grown-up sized slides, swings, and zip line things would go much farther toward ending terror than saturation bombing. Duh.
 &nbsp&nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Anyways, we went thru the playground, and did everything in it forwards and backwards, got yelled at by a 3-year-old for being too big, and made ourselves slightly sick on the tire swings. If done properly, playgrounds are as much of a workout as, well, a regular gym workout, and certainly more fun. Unfortunately, there was still no ice cream truck. Even more unfortunately, the earlier existence of it had born a craving within us. Fortunately (there always seems to be a “fortunately” after an “unfortunately”…) Mandi had a faint knowledge of a nearby Dairy Queen. Even more fortunately, she was right, and cherry sauce on vanilla softserve, drenched in whipped cream is damn good. Oh yeah, and bees like it too. Just a warning. And all that is just to show why i’m so tired. I note, however, that it does not explain why I stayed up until midnight writing this all out.
 &nbsp&nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Rhea is watching baby lion cubs on the TV, and they are rather distracting, which may have something to do with it. Oh! and I almost forgot: Mandi is going to look for cool coloring books for us!! Yay! Ok. I’m done now.
 &nbsp&nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp  &nbsp&nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp  ~ Innocent Instead.


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