The Usual

29 Sep

   &nbsp      &nbsp   Yeah, I think that crazyamazingwaytooshortohmygodwow! is about the best word for the weekend too. It deserves to have more written about it than that, but like many things related to both Hallie and I, it’s hard to find words for it.
   &nbsp      &nbsp   And so now, after a brief glimpse into another world, I return to Hampshire where I become increasingly disenchanted with the routine, with the class, work, socialize, sleep, rinse, repeat lifestyle that school inevitably creates. It was hard to come back. It becomes more and more tempting to just go off and do…something. Something different. Yet for now, “reality” (read: the fact that a large amount of money has been recieved by The Hampshire Institution on my behalf) stays its hold on me. For now I’m still reading Eisentsein and studying Vertov and other famous and classic film critcs, makers, and theorists…which is fascinating, if I’m in the right mood. While there are times I feel inspired to learn as much as possible, to soak in all the knowledge, to take in all of the richness around me…I seem unable to actually do it very frequently. Whenever I sit down to read, or to write, or to learn in some other way, I feel uninspired again. I’m just waiting for the world to change but not inspired enuff to actively help it along, or something. I guess this then becomes a plea to those in charge of manifesting the future in earthling reality: hurry up!!!!

Oh, and one more note to those creating the future: Hallie and I are not supposed to be apart. And HURRY UP!!!
~ Thank you.

p.s. Greg, I used XJournal for this entry. I like it except for it’s lack of ability to view the entry as it will be seen online before actually posting it, which iJournal still has.

Oh, and I almost forgot!!!! Everyone go watch the Return of the King trailer now!!!! And get excited!!!!!


One Response to “The Usual”

  1. chesire_smile September 30, 2003 at 2:01 pm #

    Yeah. What he said.
    I love you.

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