Work Weekend Wisdom

13 Oct

       Things learned from the Fall Work Weekend at F&W:
               – Tamarack Farm 2003 became such a tight community that several of them flew from as far away as Indiana just to reunite for the weekend.
               – The Sounds of Farm and Wilderness cd contains recordings of campers singing off-key. It’s fabulous.
               – A shower of golden leaves is just as gorgeous as a snowfall, while also being not as cold or wet.
               – The rules to “Spanking Yoda” a brilliant game which has nothing to do with Star Wars. (Well, it has nothing to do with Star Wars necessarily. In other words, it has just as much to do with Star Wars as it does with Butt Bone Boob Dog.)
               – Angel Soft is the next big sport to sweep the nation. And by “nation” I mean “F&W Crew 2003.”
               – The Back Behind has Magic Hat beer on tap!!! They also show football when baseball games are rained out. One of these things is good.
               – We still insist on singing David Bowie’s Space Oddity as a camp song. It’s just odd.
               – Driving past that spot along rt. 100 by that river where we had that conversation about what love is was like driving through a dense cloud of longing.
               – Work Weekends at Timberlake are a lot more fun than Work Weekends at IB, but I’m biased, so don’t take that as fact. (Everything else on this list, of course, is solid and proven fact. Especially the next one.)
               – I am the Chosen One. It’s true, even Todd says so, and he’s the director. In other words, I have to watch the Red Sox games if they are going to win. Every game in the post season that I have watched so far they have won. It’s a sign. Really. The one that got rained out was to make sure that they would play while I was watching. It’s all part of the plan. (Of course, I was watching at the Back Behind, but I guess they didn’t realize that…)
               – I’m sure there was more, but I don’t remember it now, and I’d rather post this now than wait and see if more wisdom comes to me.


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