Yesterday Update… (It’s like Weekend Update on SNL, but different.)

17 Oct

           Wow. Yeah. So, um, yesterday was enuff of a ride of extreme ups and downs that I’m only now getting to be able to write about it. The extremes experienced therein will not likely be expressed by these here words. Oh well. Let’s see, I was originally just going to put up a link to the new iTunes for Windows (”the best Windows app ever”) and tell all of you people using Windows to go and download it (it will make you happy*)…but other things happened. I imagine that I won’t write about them here because, well, you don’t need to know. And if you do need to know, then you already do, er, know…whew…that’s some sloppy wording. So, in addition to the excitement of the new iTunes, yesterday also included a screening of Kill Bill which, well, it’s good, but, certainly not a feel good movie, which needed to be counteracted when I returned. The Red Sox were winning 4-0 in the game that would get them into the World Series. Therefore I went to watch what turned out to be the most frustrating loss ever. The campus erupted in yells, obsenities and generally loud clouds of anger as the game ended in extra innings…with the Red Sox losing a game which they should have won. Grrrrrrr.
           For those that don’t know, yet read this and care, everyone in the family that is going (that’s Easton, Rhea, Zoe, & Womark, for those keeping score at home) have at last all arrived in California, including all the cats. (Except Padme, who clawed her way out of the RV the night before it left our old yard…). youngjedi is there too, for now, and Charlie was there, but has gone on to Arizona to live with his mother, as was planned.
           Tomorrow we’re going to Walden Pond (where hopefully it won’t rain…) to celebrate peregrineflcn’s birthday. Then Sunday, unless rain changes our minds, we’re going to Vermont (camp, maybe??) to look at the leaves as a continuation of the birthday celebration. And then Monday I get my film from work weekend back and have to edit it before class on Wed…which means I’ll be all busy. Which I’m looking forward to. And then on Tuesday, the week will continue, which is good, because I want the end of it to arrive as quickly as possible…

*or at the very least, it will be a cool application to have on your computer.

3 Responses to “Yesterday Update… (It’s like Weekend Update on SNL, but different.)”

  1. Anonymous October 20, 2003 at 3:00 am #

    hey, i’m comin up 2 c u the weekend after next! i’m psyched! just thought you needed a reminder 😛 i’m also glad everyone got to CA… talk 2 u soon hun
    <3, Ame

  2. youngjedi October 20, 2003 at 6:30 pm #

    It doesn’t rain here
    If there were a pond to go to here, you could plan on its not raining. 🙂
    So fine, I’m no longer on your ‘need to know’ list. Kind of like last fall.
    What’s the xact date of Sarah’s b-day?

    • junorhane October 20, 2003 at 7:16 pm #

      it snows here
      you always have my unspoken passion, tho I might not seem to care

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