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26 Oct

        I love Episode III speculation. I love that, so far, the prequels have raised more questions than they’ve answered. These are snippets from the AICN Jedi Council, which is full of spoilers, which I avoided, but…they’re there…so don’t read it if you don’t want to know…or do a good job skimming… This is all speculation. This is all just your regular everyday normal Star Wars Geeks talking…

On the choice which Anakin makes, to turn to the Dark Side…

“Carl – So that’s what we have to try to figure out, focus on. They’re saying that without any pretense, he feels betrayed, he snaps, and that is when he makes the decision. It’s a crystallized moment…

Several of group members all jump in at once what could cause that moment, with several cries of “Padme” being heard above the din.

Carl – But it’s really a lot about Anakin and Obi-Wan. So that’s where you can throw a lot of the speculation rumors involving a possible love triangle, or… because to me and my friend Adam Parr, from StarWarsFan.Org & Prequel Watch, we’ve thrown this about a lot… could it really just be that Obi-Wan finds out about the marriage and turns Anakin in and he gets expelled? We hope not. That wouldn’t be strong enough for us.

Moriarty – No. And I can’t think that…

Carl – That’s just not strong enough….

Darth Tardy – … but the Jedi must find out and he becomes a pariah after that.

Carl – You could go this way with that: Obi-Wan finds out and confronts Anakin and Padme, and puts some things in motion that puts Padme in danger, and she dies or whatever. Because then Palpatine could say, “Hey, they would not let you go to your mother, and she died. They wouldn’t let you see Padme, and she’s gone.”

Moriarty – And how much of that could be a lie?

Hellboy – Exactly.

Carl – Right. She could still be alive even if Anakin were to be convinced she’s dead.

Moriarty – I think the right lie told there could be very important and very potent. If he does something for a reason that he believes, and he’s misled, there is real tragedy inherent in that.

…On the soon-to-be-complete “failure” of Obi-Wan…

Carl – And Obi-Wan’s gotta mess up royally in EP3. One of the jokes in the early outlines for all three films, was they had the silly titles. There was “The Beginning”, and then Episode II was “Jar Jar’s Big Adventure”, and Episode III probably was, “Obi-Wan’s Big Fuck-up.”

Hellboy – Well, isn’t all about Obi-Wan? Isn’t about Obi-Wan making mistakes?

Chorus of agreement from Mr.Beaks, Carl Cunningham, and a few other members.

Hellboy – He was never ready to train this kid. It’s a problem already. It’s Yoda’s big mess-up.

Darth Tardy – Well, then, it’s everyone’s big mess-up.

Carl – And that is why they have to stick around during the Original Trilogy… to fix this mess that they have put the galaxy in.

Mxyzlptlk – Was it their fuck-up or Palpatine’s plan?

Carl – Well, I think we’re going to find out that its really both.

Moriarty – I will say this… I think that the one place that he nailed it, through all three films, has been in the handling of Palpatine.

Carl – A lot of that is Ian McDiarmid, too.

Moriarty – I think he’s a great, great character. I think there is something wonderful about a character who we haven’t seen show his hand yet, but whose influence has been felt through both films thus far.

Obi-Swan- … and it’s going to pay off big-time…

Carl – The way these movies are set up, people who are expecting a big twist in EP3 are going to be disappointed. And this can be debated for years, whether you watch the movies I-II-II-IV-V-VI or IV-V-VI-I-II-III. That’s just a personal choice. But the way the films are set up, our big twist was Vader being Luke’s father in EMPIRE. We’re not getting that this time. This time, people who have no idea what is going on… hard to believe, but they are out there… their twists are the Palpatine deal, and Anakin turning. That’s what they’re going for… they want those people and people watching the films for the first time numerically to go, “Holy crap!” when Palpatine reveals his true self and Anakin makes the decision.

Obi-Swan – The kids who saw Episode I first…

Carl – They’re going to lose the “I’m your father” reveal when they watch them in sequence.

Obi-Swan – Right.

Carl – That’s going to be no surprise to them.

Hellboy – And that’s the best plot.

…And of course, discussion on the disappearance of Jedi, the reappearance of their ghosts, the “why didn’t Qui-Gon disappear?” and the “How come Obi-Wan and Yoda can come back and be all social and useful as ghosts??”

Carl – Well, he was always… they discussed this, I don’t know if it was in the text of Episode I they discussed this, but definitely in some versions of the script and the novel, about the different versions of the Force. That Qui-Gon was always adept at what was called the “Living” Force…

Darth Tardy – And Obi-Wan was the “Universal” Force.

Carl – Right. And I think the Living Force was where all the weird Midichlorian stuff was going. The Living Force was the one that the Jedi didn’t like because it was the one where the Dark Side got its power.

Hellboy – It was very grey.

Carl – It wasn’t the mystical one, it was the more physical, where you could draw power from the life force around you.

Obi-Swan – Because if you listen to Obi-Wan describe the Force to Luke in ANH…

Carl – … he’s describing the mystical one…

Obi-Swan – … it’s very different from how Qui-Gon describes it to Anakin.

Darth Tardy – Well, they give a very good explanation between the two if you read the novel…

Carl – Right, but Qui-Gon tells him to “be mindful of the Living Force”.

Darth Tardy – But when Obi-Wan says that he has a “strange feeling about this”, that’s him being tapped into a different part of the Force Qui-Gon is not. He goes, “Strange, I don’t… aren’t you feelings clear on this?” Well, that’s another point, that’s the Emperor. He says he does not sense anything.

Obi-Swan – Does he lie? Does he sense something?

Darth Tardy – I don’t think so. I think he is more tapped into…

Carl – I think it’s going to basically come from that. That he was so tapped into the Living Force that when he died he was able to maintain himself in the netherworld. I don’t know if they are going to call it that… the “netherworld”. They did in the original JEDI drafts… “the Force Netherworld”… where instead of becoming one with the Force, they were able to maintain their identity and just kinda float along. So maybe they disappear because they learned to do that before they died. So as soon as they are struck down or they die or whatever, they keep their identity. Because, obviously, Yoda shows up at the end of JEDI, too.

Darth Tardy – It could be something else, because it’s not like Luke whispered the secret to Anakin just before he went into the netherworld.

Obi-Swan – Maybe Qui-Gon came to Anakin after he was stuck down in some sort of netherworld or whatever, but clearly, when Obi-Wan is struck down, Anakin…

Moriarty -… well, he already knows the trick, because he is ready to do it.

Obi-Swan – Yeah, but Darth Vader doesn’t know… “

But…Anakin is a ghost too, at the end of VI…


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  1. youngjedi November 3, 2003 at 9:57 pm #

    Your journal takes too frikin long to load
    Dear, I love you and I love reading [almost] everything you write, but I think it’s time to initiate yourself into the world of LJ-cuts : )

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