Dave Matthews (someone elses words. Because I don’t know what to say.)

29 Oct

Forget about being guilty, we are innocent instead. And soon we will all find our lives swept away.

The world is blowing up

The world is caving in

The world has lost her way again

But you are here with me

But you are here with me

Makes it ok

Baby, it’s alright

Stop your crying


Nothing is here to stay

Everything has to begin and end

A ship in a bottle won’t sail

All we can do is dream that the wind will blow us across the water

A ship in a bottle set sail

Some might tell you there’s no hope in hand

Just because they feel hopeless

But you don’t have to be a thing like that

You be a ship in a bottle set sail

What you’ve done with all those

Around you

Hopeful always that someone

Will come and save you but I’ll be there

To watch you sulk returning

Seething I’ll be there

Minutes hold onto hours

Gets you twisting

All you need to hope you keep your head, yeah ooh

The slow hand quickens

How’d you leave it with the love you lost?

You made them crawl to be without you

The slow hand quickens

Crazy as I may, make my way through this world
It’s for no one but me to say what direction I shall turn in now
I am the captain of this ship
Curious hands and fingertips
Day after day how I long for you my love, how I long

Strange but it seems like there’s a mutiny brewing inside me
But I don’t want your pity only the promise that you’ll stay with me tonight

Same old song won’t you come stay all my life?
after all
Oh how could I even try to fight after falling into your arms?
Oh mesmerized by your smile the way it lights up under your eyes
Oh how could I even try love won’t you stay with me?

Oh our love – how you do me
Oh my love – come now lets go again
Oh our love – everything
Oh won’t play with me again we got all night

The same old song
Won’t you come dance with me my love?
after all

Don’t lose the dreams inside your head
They’ll only be there til you’re dead

Funny when you’re small
The moon follows the car
There’s no one but you see
Hey, the moon is chasing me

I worried if I looked away she’d be gone

Don’t let the troubles in your head
Steal too much time you’ll soon be dead
So play

All fall down
It won’t be so long now
Out of the darkness comes light like a flash
You think you can you think you can
Sometimes that is the problem
Dream little darling dream

Spinning on the wind
The leaf fell from the limb

Standing here, the old man said to me
“Long before these crowded streets
Here stood my dreaming tree”
Below it he would sit
For hours at a time
Now progress takes away
What forever took to find
Now he’s falling hard
He feels the falling dark
How he longs to be
Beneath his dreaming tree
Conquered fear to climb
A moment froze in time
When the girl who first he kissed
Promised him she’d be his
Remembered mother’s words
There beneath the tree
“No matter what the world
You’ll always be my baby”
Mommy come quick
The dreaming tree has died
The air is growing thick
A fear he cannot hide
The dreaming tree has died

Oh have you no pity
This thing I do
I do not deny it
All through this smile
As crooked as danger
I do not deny
I know in my mind
I would leave you now
If I had the strength to
I would leave you up
To your own devices
Will you not talk
Can you take pity
I don’t ask much
But won’t you speak

From the start, she knew she had it made
Easy up ‘til then
For sure she’d make the grade
Adorers came in hordes
To lay down in her wake
She gave it all she had
But treasures slowly fade
Now she’s falling hard
She feels the fall of dark
How did this fall apart?
She drinks to fill it up
A smile of sweetest flowers
Wilted so and soured
Black tears stain the cheeks
That once were so admired

Oh look at how she listens
She says nothing of what she thinks
She just goes stumbling through her memories
Staring out on to Grey Street

She thinks, “Hey,
How did I come to this?
I dream myself a thousand times around the world,
But I can’t get out of this place”

There’s an emptiness inside her
And she’d do anything to fill it in
But all the colors mix together – to grey
And it breaks her heart

How she wishes it was different
She prays to God most every night
And though she swears it doesn’t listen
There’s still a hope in her it might

She says, “I pray
But they fall on deaf ears,
Am I supposed to take it on myself?
To get out of this place”

There’s loneliness inside her
And she’d do anything to fill it in
And though it’s red blood bleeding from her now
It feels like cold blue ice in her heart
When all the colors mix together – to grey
And it breaks her heart

There’s a stranger speaks outside her door
Says take what you can from your dreams
Make them as real as anything
It’d take the work out of the courage

But she says, “Please
There’s a crazy man that’s creeping outside my door,
I live on the corner of Grey Street and the end of the world”

She thinks when she was small
There on her father’s knee
How he had promised her
“You’ll always be my baby”
Daddy come quick
The dreaming tree has died
I can’t find my way home
There is no place to hide
The dreaming tree has died

Spring sweet rhythm dance in my head
Slip into my lover’s hands
Kiss me won’t you kiss me now
And sleep I would inside your mouth
Don’t be us too shy
For knowing it’s no big surprise that
I will wait for you
I will wait for no one but you

Oh please lover lay down
Spend this time with me
Together share this smile
Lover lay down
Spend this time with me
Walk with me, walk with you
Hold my hand your hands
So much we have dreamed
And you were so much younger
Hard to explain that we are stronger
A million reasons life to deny
Let’s toss them away
See you and me we
Lay down look see
She and he
By my lover’s side
Together share this smile
Each other’s tears to cry
Together share this smile

Say love, say love, say love, say love, say love
Should I love you
Could you love me
Darling it’s all the same
‘Til we dance away
Chasing me all around
Leading me all around
Leading me all around in circles


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