Update…Damn…that’s a lame subject…

22 Nov

      So, I realize that all of my devoted readers, you vast collective of pixel-pushers and internet-junkies who have my lj bookmarked and check it everyday for updates have been sadly neglected over the last few days…since I haven’t updated. Oh, and I also realize that I have no such devoted vast collective of readers, so, it’s ok. Plus, i’m going to update now…which will make up for it (just in case there actually is a vast collective….)
      In an effort to retain continuity in stories…and not just bring up one huge headline only to drop it days later and count on the short attention span of the current public to forget about it and move on (like…the corporate media does, for example…) I’ll fill you in with the latest on Logan & Popo. It’s not done. It’s in work-print or rough-cut form. Meaning, the shots are in order, the dialogue is all there…but the sound is really poorly mixed. Like…there are hisses and pops when it cuts from one angle to the next, and the volume level of their voices changes thruout. It’s really sloppy and really poor. Unfortunately, there isn’t too much I can do about it, since I filmed the entire thing without an external microphone. This, in case anyone is wondering, is not the way to make a movie. People are far more critical of sound than image, and a poor soundtrack with beautiful imagery is detrimental to the final product. So, that’s sorta frustrating. I’m going to see what I can do, maybe even start to learn Pro Tools and do some audio stuff. If I can. Otherwise….it’s just…not very good. Joe Seivers (Logan) is great tho, and a short 9 min. film may squeak by because the lead is a really cute boy. Sigh.
      And speaking of the corporate media, everyone should check this out. If you don’t enter, you should at least vote on the entries.
      Um…what else…let’s see…my hall is really cool….i’ve said that before…I saw lots of standup comedy last night…it was funny, (obviously!) AAAHHHH!!!! LOOK OUT! It’s Captain Obvious!! (and his trusty sidekick…Sarcasm Boy…) Whew…that was close…I think i’d better stop writing now. This could become dangerous.

      Oh…and… HALLIE IS COMING TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (don’t mind me….I’m just a little excited.)


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