I am a geek.

26 Dec

From ths article on innovation and Apple:

”Still, Apple may have learned these important lessons only partially, and too late. The iPod works only with the iTunes service, and has a $0.99 fee-per-song pricing structure. Dell/Musicmatch and Napster offer consumers more choice. Their Windows-based players and services are interchangeable; they sell individual songs and let users listen to (but not keep) as much music as they want for flat fees of less than $10 per month.”

Ok, somehow, this has become the common thing to say in any article mentioning the iTunes and the iPod music store/integration thingie… And it’s not really true. The iPod plays mp3s and mp4s. From anywhere. Not just iTunes. What they are referring to is the fact that it doesn’t play Windows Media (.wma, .wmv) files. So far, it is the only digital music player to play mp4s. The “other Windows-based players and services” are only “interchangeable” in that they all play Windows Media, and Mp3s. None of them, however, play mp4s, which means that they don’t play songs purchased from the iTunes music store. The rest is about the fact that other services allow you to pay them money to let you listen to but not keep songs. It is true that apple’s system doesn’t allow for this. Pity. (with dripping sarcasm…)

”And the competition is swarming. Dell and Samsung are challenging enough, but this business is about to turn into a battle of the titans. Wal-Mart is launching a cut-price online music store of its own–and now Microsoft and Sony, no less, are joining the fray. So Apple’s venture into online music is beginning to look like yet another case of frustration-by-innovation. Once again, Apple has pioneered a market–created a whole new business, even–with a cool, visionary product. And once again, it has drawn copycats with the scale and financial heft to undersell and out-market it. In the end, digital music could turn out to be just one more party that Apple started, but ultimately gets tossed out of.”

Perhaps we should take the hint: apple doesn’t want to sell large numbers of products, they just want to sell enuff to keep them alive to innovate more. They’re not out for domination of the market. They don’t care about that.

        Oh, yeah…I’m home. It doesn’t really feel like home yet, but I’m here in sunny california. Except for when it is chilly and rainy and windy california. Either way, I’m here. In case you were wondering, or weren’t aware. Or forgot the blatantly obvious.
        Oh yeah…I hope you all had a good winter holiday, whichever one you celebrated. And if you didn’t celebrate one, you should celebrate anyways. Just make one up. Celebrate reality or something. Well, the good parts of reality.

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