You Goat in the Hole!!!

5 Jan

Ah…the joys of talking to Logan over AIM. Of course, I should say that I’ve been reading Joseph Campbell recently, and stumbled upon a quote from an ancient Sumerian myth about the descent of the goddess inanna into the underworld, and had it up as my away message. Apparantly, that’s what inspired this entire thing…(and apparantly it’s my “logo”)

Logan: nice logo
Juno Rhane: (away message) “Neti was instructed to open to the queen of heaven the seven gates, but to abide by the custom and remove at each portal a part of her clothing…”
Logan: heheheh you sick mofo
Logan: you goat in the hole
Juno Rhane: ??
Logan: so how does the rest of the story go does it get hot and juicy
Juno Rhane: not really
Logan: oh

…[cut stuff in which we talk about the locals of CA]…
Logan: well then did you at least meet some semi cool lade back high school drop out with a heart of gold and a addiction to saying “rad ddduuuuuuddeeeee”
Juno Rhane: no…but I have you
Juno Rhane: and that works
Logan: rad dddduuuudeeeee
Juno Rhane: See!
Logan: so I do really suggest that u use that logan quite ” you goat in the hole”
Juno Rhane: i’ll work on that
Logan: K
Juno Rhane: thanks
Logan: hey I just realized that that that I really want to meet the actor that played anikan skywalker as darth vader when luke takes of his mask and he is that totally srewed up guy
Juno Rhane: sebastian shaw?
Logan: ok I’ll have to stalk him and send him small peaces of candy coverd in baby powder
Logan: um would you mined forgeting that forever
Juno Rhane: i’m working on it
Logan: thanks
Logan: 😀

And as a side note, the FM transmitter for my iPod is strong enuff to reach partway down our block, if you drive away from the house tuned into it. And new mac products are going to be announced tomorrow. I know you are all excited. Or something.


One Response to “You Goat in the Hole!!!”

  1. chesire_smile January 6, 2004 at 3:34 am #

    Oh man, Logan is the coolest kid. As long as he doesn’t start stalking me with little pieces of candy covered in baby powder. *grin*

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