More Quick Tidbits

15 Jan

     – Well, even tho it is four days later, Rhea is currently (but not still) watching Bonanza in the background.
     – I did manage to build a shelf for her room, which was pretty cool, as it is the only major creative thing I did all vacation.
     – Speaking of vacation. It ends tomorrow. And then begins again tomorrow night. In Earlham. Hehe. Excellent.
     – Speaking of creativity, I got this huge and heavy encyclopedia of ancient myths for my birthday, and found out that “Epona” is the name of a celtic horse deity. Interesting, if you’ve played Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Not sure what that has to do with creativity tho.
     – So, today is the last night in California until May, until the end of the semester. Which is only sad in that I am leaving my family for four months. In every other way, it is fantabulicious, because it means I will get to see Hallie, and eventually after that get back to Hampshire, which I am kind of looking forward to, even tho I am signed up for five classes and will have to write a 20 page Div II retrospective essay before the semester is over. I guess that wasn’t really a quick tidbit, as the subject of this entry connotates, but, oh well. It’s not like it’s long. And I figured I should have some kind of update before leaving CA.


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