“coming soon”

25 Jan

Whoa, it’s a damn good time for Star Wars news. I will update with the extrememly juicy yet not spoiler filled details when I arrive back at Hampshire, sometime tomorrow. In the meantime, speaking of Star Wars news, why hasn’t “lardbiscuit” updated his site yet? It’s taunting me. “think you know all about episode ii?” AAaaarrrghhh!! This coming soon page has been up for like four months or something. Sheesh. Hurry up!!! (http://www.lardbiscuit.com ) .

“The magical quality that makes the Star Wars saga so good is hidden deep beneath the surface, underlying the intergalactic melodrama and the glitzy special effects. It’s the mythological underpinnings, the retelling of the classical hero’s journey, the celebration of friendship and honor, and the stirring depiction of good and evil, as both a desperate civil war and an internal duality in all of us. This is the substantive stuff that gives the Star Wars movies their heart and soul. It’s these resonating themes that audiences have responded to so powerfully. These layers of meaning, not the spaceships and big explosions, are the real reason why these silly, corny movies are the most successful film series of all time.

Average moviegoers have never been aware of all that stuff, or really cared — all they know is that they like Star Wars movies. And there’s nothing wrong with that … Despite any onslaught of disparagement, dismissal and denial from non-fans, we have always understood.

Or at least, we always did until The Phantom Menace. When non-fans hate the movie, I have no argument with them. In fact, I’d say it’s to be expected that they would hate it. But I do not, and can not, understand how a Star Wars fan can hate The Phantom Menace. ” ~ Lardbiscuit

(See!? Now don’t you want to know what he thinks of Episode II????????)


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