back again.

28 Jan

        It’s nice to be back on my own computer again. Of course, I won’t have as much time on it this semester as I did the last semester, but it’s good. I like the feeling of being kept busy. And so far, this semester is succeeding at that admirably. Yesterday I went to the RMV, renewed my license, got a jury duty letter, bought surround sound speakers from the holyoke mall, installed said surround sound speakers in my room along with the gorgeous gold-plated Middle-Earth poster given to me by the gorgeous but not gold-plated Hallie, felt kinda sickish (still do) and went to see Return of the King, which is going to win best picture at the Oscars this year. And that was only yesterday.
        Today there were classes. And lots of snow. And still the feeling of sickishness. Oh yeah, as promised, I suppose I should talk about the exciting Star Wars news from a couple days back. Basically, Lucasfilm had a “marketing summit” with it’s fellow licencers to discuss the future of Star Wars and Star Wars based products/tie-ins, etc. Those lucky enuff to be there (depending on your point of view) were treated to (among other things, probably including some boring talk) a two and a half minute video of behind the scenes and raw footage from Episode III. It’s edited to the AC/DC song “Back in Black” and doesn’t really, in my mind, give anything away. I say that because I have seen it, even tho I wasn’t at said marketing summit. That’s because someone at said marketing summit had a video camera, and pointed it at the screen, and turned it on while said video was playing. Then this mystical someone digitized this bootleg and it made its way to some Star Wars message boards. It was fairly hard to find on those message boards, and as I wasn’t at my own computer, I didn’t save it and thus don’t have it. I think it is probably gone now. However, it had lots of blue and green screens, lots of people in blue and green suits to be replaced with cg things later, and lots of lightsaber fight footage. The other big news is from an online chat that Nick Gillard (the stunt coordinator) did recently wherein he talkes about the climactic duel of the prequels, and says it will be the longest fight sequence ever. Personally, I think that’s good, since there will be lightsabers involved. And since I have seen said marketing summit video, I know how intense it’s supposed to be. And John Williams music. And to think we only have to wait until 2005. sheesh.
        Anyways, I can no longer remember what else I was going to put into this entry, so I suppose I will simply post it. If I remember, or think of something else, I’ll make another entry.


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