3 Feb

        Learning 3d computer animation is damn cool. It may be my favorite class. On the other hand, I seem to like all of my classes this semester. Even the ones that I didn’t get into. I should also say that I like my hall. I like the people on it. I like the craziness of it. However, it causes hour long meetings. And people who do not credit themselves for their actions are assholes. Especially when everyone knows that it was them. Best moment from the hall meeting (or at least one of them) was Vanessa asking Matt why he had war paint on his face (which he did) and him replying that he wants people to know that he is serious. Brilliant. It will be in a movie someday. Probably next year.
        So aside from the hour long hall meeting and the cool class, AIM worked today! For a bit. But now it is down again. (Grrrrr!!!!!) However, it also snowed a lot, and there was much snowball throwing and snow angel making, and there are several snowmen in the quad too. So it’s a pretty cool life. Except for assholes.


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