Hampshire Duality

3 Feb

       So, my Writing For The Screen class met for the first time today (technically yesterday, I guess… ) and I was somewhat surprised to learn that it was no longer the standard Writing For The Screen class that I had signed up for. It has been Hampshire-ized. Now it is called “Writing for Video and Film: Geographies of Identity.” In other words, it deals with the “theme” of “the experiences of wanderers, and migrants whose relationships to ideas of home, sexuality and gender, continuity of life history, belonging, and language are in question.” Fucking Hampshire. Can’t anything be seperated from the Social Sciences?? Still, Hampshire is still the only school I’ve really found that doesn’t give the impression that one is supposed to “major” in one (or two) thing(s) and then perhaps go to graduate school, and then do that one thing for the rest of your life. Why did we decide to live in a way that our lives are limited to one thing as a career? What happened to being a Renaissance Man, an expert in everything, an artist, inventor, writer, teacher, storyteller, etc? Why does everyone feel that once they graduate college there are two choices: going to grad school (delaying the inevitable: that of choice two) or starting a singular career in something relating to what was studied in college. I have almost no idea what I am going to do after college. It may not relate to anything that I have learned in school ever. It may have a lot. I have no idea. And I like that. I do know that I will be doing something, and that is enuff for now. I do, however, have an almost definite idea of what my final graduating-ticket project (Div III, in Hampshire speak) will be. It does relate to what I have learned in school, as it is supposed to. It sums it up, puts it all together, and perhaps brings it to an end. Who knows? I’m glad I don’t have to. The idea of life after college seems to cause a lot of stress in others, as if there is no going back, there’s no more preperation, it’s the “real world” after college, out there, and it’s a scary place that one must be prepared to survive in.
       Well, the world is what we make it. More than that, the world is what we believe it is. And I refuse to believe that the world is simply a place to survive in after College by doing a career in something that may or may not be interesting. That’s apparantly the world a lot of people live in, but it’s not mine. Silly people. Anyways, getting back the the Writing For The Screen class, she had us write a letter to someone focusing on the topics/themes/ideas of “absence, seperation, distance.” Sounds happy, huh? Well, apparantly J.C. has

       Dear J.C.,
Why don’t I know what your initials stand for? I found this picture of us yesterday while looking for things I didn’t want Mom to throw out, and I’ve been swimming in memories since then. I can only assume and hope that you remember me. We played together often after school when we were younger, climbing that giant tree in your backyard, or building in the green plastic sandbox that was shaped like a turtle. I remember you thot it was funny that I was scared of horses.
       I don’t remember when this was taken, or who came out to the yard to take it, but it’s nice to have a concrete reminder of us being happy, since usually I just become sad when I think of you. Maybe that’s too forward, too weird to hear from someone you haven’t seen or heard from since we were ten, but I have really missed you. I still really miss you.
       It’s strange to think of you as almost twenty, and to realize I’ve known you for half your life, yet I have no idea who you are anymore. That makes my longing for you even stronger. I don’t want to miss out on any more of your life, even if you spend the rest of it terrorizing me with horses (assuming you still like them). Anyways, I don’t really know what else to say, and I don’t ever know if this will find you. I don’t want to go on about the effect you seem to have had on me, especially because I imagine it sounds strange, and the last thing I want to do is make you think I’ve turned into some creep or stalker-type-guy who’s obsessed with you. So all that said, I guess I’m sending this now, and I’m hoping with all I have that it finds you and brings you back into my life.

It’s just the first draft of the letter, and not the finished one in which he will describe what he has become, and not just what he hasn’t, but, it’s interesting nonetheless. I should finish it, figure out who the guy is (I think those are the same thing) and then print it out and give it to Tessa, so she can start to help me figure out who J.C. is. Other than the savior, I mean. So to speak.

       Oh, and one more thing that’s really pissing me off about Hampshire right now: AIM doesn’t work! They really need to fix this!! It’s been down all weekend, and this is the third (going on fourth) day now where their bandwidth isn’t allowing anything except standard html. That’s really really bad. That means we can only browse the internet and check our Hampshire email. Can’t login to any secure sites (like bank pages, or Amazon, or Ebay) and can’t use any chat programs (like AIM). AAAAAAAaaaahhhhh!!!!!! FIX IT!!!!!! NOW!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!! IT IS GOING TO WORK IN THE MORNING!!!!!! I hope.

That is all now. Bed.


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