Oh, just read it. I don’t want to come up with a “Subject”

6 Feb

      I love my mom. This is part of a recent email from her:

”I tried to balance out the testosterone and macho energy being emitted into the universe on superbowl day, by watching the all day marathon of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy – purposely put on to juxtapose the superbowl, of course. i feel that i did my part politically…”

        Yeah. I watched the directors cut of Woodstock instead of the superbowl. It rocked. Literally. And it had naked hippies, pissed off elderly people, lots of drugs, an announcer calling for Alex’s dad to go deliver a baby, the port-o-san guy, the huge rainstorm and mudslide that followed, and on and on. It was great. Well, it is great, as I own it now.

        Oh, and for those that don’t know, not that I’m an expert (having seen it only once) Queer Eye For The Straight Guy is a new show where these 5 (I think it’s 5. Something like that) gay guys choose a certain “aesthetically challenged” straight person and redo everything for and with him. His house, his clothes, his body, his cultural life, etc. It’s really really funny, because the guys are really really funny, and really good at what they do. The one I saw had them helping out an ex-marine because he didn’t want to lose his girlfriend, tho it didn’t look like she was about to leave him at all. They were rather cute actually. Anyways, the gay guys completely redecorated his apartment, bought him new clothes, brot him to a dermatologist, and actually taught him to dance with her and stuff. Then they watched him dance with her and made amusing comments. Fabulous.

        And on a really happy note: it’s snowing really hard, and school closed at noon. On a less-happy note, I have to drive in it to pick up Sherri at the trainstation in Amherst. On another really happy note: Sherri is coming for the weekend!!!


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