7 Mar

you want the world to be right for you, … because that’s just fundamental humanity

       Well, I didn’t get much work done today, which is a problem for tomorrow, but it was a day of good conversations. Plus a good comedy improv show. Who knew Colin was so funny? Greg is back, which is good, because it means I can have really good conversations with two people online now, Hallie and him!

Juno: i’m still trying to write about the Second Coming going to Hampshire college and not knowing that she is the second coming.
Greg: that could be a problem
Greg: i’ll bet that happens a lot
Greg: that’s why none of the doomsday predictions work out
Juno: that’s what I was thinking…
Greg: too many christs not realizing who they are
Juno: that, everyone is sorta the second coming… but no one can believe it
Juno: and so they spend the rest of their lives acting and “believing” that they are normal people
Greg: i’m scared to death of normalcy
Greg: but i’m even more scared that I won’t figure out how to not be normal
Greg: that sounds better like “…how not to be normal”
Greg: ..and still healthy and secure in old age
Juno: nice quote.
Greg: thanks. you can use it

Hallie: its becuase things aren’t right, and they should be, and i feel that i have to fix them



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