23 Mar

        Maybe I’m just tired, but, I don’t feel like I’m all back from spring break yet. I mean, physically i’m here, but i’m not ready to go back to classes. Fortunately mine was cancelled. I still feel entirely unmotivated however, even after a day of reaclimation. Is reaclimation a word? And, while I remember, can someone please make PA a little bit smaller to drive thru? It’s far too large right now, and takes almost a full tank of gas. Thank you. Oh! And I won a free song on iTunes, but now I don’t know which one to get. What’s a good song to get that can’t be found for free on the Hampshire network but can be found on iTunes Music Store?
        So, instead of spending all day in class and at a screening, as is usual for monday, I spent all day doing paperwork (or at least thinking about it while talking online… ahem… ) and talking to Greg on the phone. That was nice. He asked me to put up my final papers and a few songs for him, which I did here. (right click on the links to download, don’t just click them.) If you happen to be using a mac that has both appleworks and microsoft word (like I am) you’ll be able to read all of them, if you also happen to care and spend the time to do so. Personally, I didn’t bother to read them, I just posted them.
        As I am feeling all unmotivated and tired, I will go to bed now. Sorry if you happened to be expecting something more profound, funny, or at least interesting to read here. Oh, and before I forget, can Ohio be made a bit smaller too? I mean, seriously, would anyone miss part of it if it were just… gone?


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