Away Message

14 Apr

So, I got the third reel of film back from the lab today, and The Passion is going to work. All that didn’t come thru are the slow-motion shots of bowls dropping. And that’s ok. Yay!

Sherri: what are you filming?
Me: we have to film a stupid final project for my stupid Hampshire class about stereotypes and homeless and classism and blah blah blah*
Me: 🙂
Me: i’m excited, can’t you tell??
Sherri: its contagious
Sherri: your enthusiasm is catching on
Sherri: i can’t contain it
Me: well that’s good. I can think of worse things to spread.
Sherri: 😛
Sherri: herpes
Me: like marshmallow fluff
Me: or herpes. that works too.
Sherri: you think fluff i think VDs
Sherri: now what does that tell us
Me: uh.. i’m hungry?
Me: you’re horny?
Sherri: ha ha
Sherri: very astute
Me: thanks
Me: that was a great conversation.
Sherri: yes i believe it was
Sherri: it should be an away message
Me: it should

But, alas, it is too large, and so I put it here instead.

*not The Passion. Which I am excited about, despite the fact that it will maybe be a total of three minutes long.


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