Conversation With My Generation

20 Apr

         This is the culmination of several weeks of writing. It’s the stuff that comes out after my Hampshirized class on “writing for the screen” but it’s really a class about “border-crossing (immigration) being an exile, and diaspora.” It’s really… joyless, and the liberal pc notions that surround it just end up bothering me, and putting me in strange angry moods where I end up writing this. I think I’m inventing a really angry character. Or something. Maybe it’s just therapy. But, isn’t that what journals are sometimes for?

         ”I had a conversation with my generation the other day. My fucking lazy-ass, uncreative, naive generation. Not to mention hypocritical. All of us. Jesus hated hypocrites. The conversation started out nice…
         They told me I should go protest the war. They said I should carry a sign asking how our oil ended up under their sand, and yell loudly about how Bush is a liar and a bad president. Fucking hypocrites. They’re not against the war!
         God, how stupid are they to think that holding a sign and marching down the street the police have already barricaded for you is going to do anything about the war. You think the end of Vietnam had anything to do with people holding signs?
          Don’t they get it? The system is based on money. They know that, right? Fucking money. That’s all. Do you pay taxes? Then congratulations, you fucker, you support the war. You paid a soldier’s salary. You invested in the death of a foriegn innocent. You own the shrapnel now embedded in the brain of a dead four-year-old middle eastern child. It’s yours. Take fucking responsibility, don’t just carry a sign. You say you don’t support the war? Don’t pay for it. You fucking ignorant naive retard.
         Yeah, I used the word “retard.” As in “you’re acting as though you are no smarter than someone who is mentally challenged.” Does that make more sense to your afraid-to-offend PC Brain? I’m so sick of being PC. Did you get offended? Is it because you’re afraid or aware that someone else somewhere might potentially get offended? Well, cry me a fucking river. Act smarter and I won’t call you stupid. You’d think the conversation would have ended there. Why would you keep talking to me if I offend you? I’m not going censor my actions because you feel they might potentially offend someone else. Fucking PC bullshit. I do what I want, and trust that I know myself well enough to know that I’m not acting on behalf of unconcious culturally created racism, or society-constructed classism, sexism, or some other bullshitism. I know what I’m doing. I know it will piss you off. Does that mean I shouldn’t do it?
         Most of these avant-guard, cutting-edge, indipendent artsy films that acadamia gets down on its knees and worships, are just plain boring. Forty minutes of scratched film, or film that’s been processed in various chemicals to become various colors, or shots of water, or other abstract shit. I know, I know, I’m supposed to watch it in a different way, transform my culturally-created and imposed conformist ways of seeing. It’s still fucking boring. It’s nice you like it though. Anyways, back to the conversation.
         My generation tells me I should vote… “


5 Responses to “Conversation With My Generation”

  1. Anonymous April 22, 2004 at 5:36 am #

    “My generation tells me I should vote…”
    Or move to Canada you fuckin’ hippie!

  2. Anonymous April 23, 2004 at 12:36 pm #

    juno smells

  3. youngjedi May 1, 2004 at 7:10 pm #

    Geez, this was posted awhile ago. How’d I miss it?
    Wow. I’ve never seen this side of you! Developing an angry character, huh? Don’t like acting? Then you’re not owning your feelings. 🙂
    Your generation responds, somewhat more articulately:
    Just for the sake of argument (and enriched understanding), there are people, called War Tax Resisters, who do not pay federal taxes for just the reasons you suggest. And by the way, the Vietnam War ended because people wouldn’t go and the authorities were afraid of loosing their jobs, and they pulled out after it was surely lost, but just before the point past which staying would have made it more blatantly our failing. It’s pretty safe to say that without the protests the war would have sallied forth unbridled for some time.
    When they are actually carried on the news, protests let the world know that there is objection to the status quo. When 20 million people world-wide come together in coordinated protests, it is impossible to say, Well no one cares. When word reaches the disillusioned, disenchanted, and disenfranchised, there is cause (if only a little) for hope. Altho it may not be just what YOU need, dear, it may be vitally helpful to many others. Do not underestimate the power that rescuing a few hundred or thousand or millions of minds can have! Your particular work will be made much easier with the renewed morphogenetic field of human-kind supporting it. This is a reason for honoring both veterans and protesters (it’s especially nice when veterans join the protesters). The world would, in [many||some] cases be a much more difficult place for you without both their efforts….unless you look back far enough in history, anyway.
    It’s important to note that it’s not only your generation who wants you to vote. Your dear mother would have some words with you on that point. Your grandmother, on the other hand, would certainly confer with you.
    See my next response for something more warm an fuzzy.

  4. youngjedi May 1, 2004 at 7:11 pm #

    Wow. I’ve never seen this side of you! Developing an angry character, huh? Don’t like acting? Then you’re not owning your feelings. 🙂
    Ha ha ha! “Move to Canada” is the best the bomb-em-all crowd could muster against the war protesters. Generally, people react with anger to any well-stated opinion. Critical thinking and analysis are critically lacking in educational institutions. Hell, those in power don’t want the rest thinking about their position and upsetting the imbalance. They (the ones with power) present us with choices: You are with us, or you are against us; you may vote for this candidate, or the other; you can abide by the law, or suffer the consequences, &c. It’s hope is to co-opt every possible out-point, expand to include every conceivable “alternative” sub-culture (only with enough resistance to make the struggle feel victorious in the end), and own all the land so there’s no place to just ‘walk away’ to.
    Even though ours is a country founded by direct revolution, the values of our society teach working to transform the system from the inside. This is how healthy systems and good intentions are corrupted in the first place, so there may be some validity in that method, even if it at first seems self-defeating (i.e., to work to change a system that is set up to co-opt its alternatives from within that very system).
    Really all we’re left with is working to instrument change while getting involved as little as possible in the corrupt systems. For those of us who yearn to live in a correct Human world, that’s a lousy consolation prize.
    –science & poetry

    • Anonymous June 3, 2004 at 11:47 am #

      If you make people think they’re thinking, they’ll love you;
      but if you really make them think, they’ll hate you.
      — Don Marquis

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