The Federation has possession of our planet.

20 Apr

         Hmmm. Greg was right. This is interesting. And why aren’t his entries showing up on my friends page?
         And, wait…. How does Qui-Gon retain his identity after being stabbed with a lightsaber, and having his body burned in a funeral pyre? What exactly is the Prophecy referring to when it talks about “bringing balance to the Force”? And for that matter, what is the Prophecy? And for that matter, what is The Force, really? Is it different from “the living Force?” Just how sentient is The Force? More simply… what do The Jedi feel the Prophecy is referring to when it talks about “a virgence” and “concieved by midichlorians” and “bringing balance to The Force” and a “chosen one”? The Prophecy may well be referring to The Sith, but the Jedi believe they are extinct, and have been for millenia, and “do not think The Sith could have returned without us knowing,” and therefore, they cannot believe that the prophecy and bringing balance has anything to do with The Sith. So what do they believe? Right. Like I said. It’s interesting.
         Anyways, I have I think three or four entries planned out in my head that I’m just too busy to type up and post, but I will try to get to it. Watch for a flurry of updates. The excitement is pulsing in you now. I can feel it. Right. Ok, I’m done now.


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