The Village (and I don’t mean the new Shyamalan movie… eh… )

10 May

         My family rocks. Oh, and before I get too far with this, so does Hallie. Who had better be having a happy birthday. That’s all I have to say about that, for right now. I just got a copy of the grant proposal for The Village in the mail from Zoe. Which is what prompted my placing of above said rockage upon my family. Key excerpts are here.

                           THE VILLAGE
A Family-Oriented Residential and Day Treatment and Educational Center
Proposal submitted by New Earth Center For Learning, Inc.
Where Everyone Teaches and Everyone Learns

A nonprofit, nondiscriminatory educational research and development corporation

       Massive numbers of children are at risk, even in serious trouble, at ever earlier ages. Fortunately professionals in various fields are achieving success in a wide variety of corrective approaches and programs. New Earth Center for Learning has developed a bold design beneficial to all ages for open-ended periods of participation: We propose to combine varied demonstrably successful projects, including our own, into a full-time, familial setting where cutting-edge professional skills and practices are joined in interaction. People stuck on a disastrous track need high-impact, comprehensive change. We prescribe a full-time context rich with integrated healing and educational programs which have, individually, proved their value. This holistic model is widely applicable, adaptable for replication, and much more powerful than the sum of its parts.

– It does take a whole village to raise a child, but community – like family – is a fading institution. Without this safety net between family and world, some children are lost from birth. Without effective guardianship and nurture, individual potential and wellbeing decline over the first two decades of Human development, while the cost to society from this deterioration accelerates.

– New Earth Center for Learning began an educational pilot project in response to several children and adolescents and their parents who came to us in urgent need of help. Resources were pooled by a few concerned projessionals; beginning on a shoestring, New Earth School became a six-year project to save these youngsters. We determined to find out why intelligent young people (from ordinary backgrounds ranging from poor to good) change from loving school to hating it. We worked to learn what can be undertaken to correct, and therefore prevent, this deterioration.
          – Personal wellbeing and fulfillment were restored by education which developed Human quality and peace, motivated learning in all other arenas, and resulted in achievement of success.
          – Students with behavior and emotional problems (including those linked to drug use and early sexual activity) which had been consistently presented in other contexts became non-problems at New Earth School.
          – Academic learning became part f true education for each individual, because aducation took place in a familial setting as part of daily living, and because formal schooling included integration of various fields of study. Semester-end presentation to parents and public presented authentic assessment by demonstrating the variety, excellence, and integrated results of the students’ individually chosen, group-coordinated accomplishments.

         THE VILLAGE: Our proposal to multiply successes:
– Beginning with one or two dwellings, The Village over time attracts resourcing and personnel for expansion. We already have waiting lists of both students and staff.
– Healthy family life enables personal changes to become a foundation for successful living. Practitioners and teachers provide treatment and education for recovery and health maintenance. Those being served remain in residence or as day participants as long as they are benefitted.
– The personal triumph of being genuinely useful permeates The Village atmosphere. children and adolescents are far more capable of purposeful work than our culture allows. Students tutor others not so far along; a youngster who has mastered a skill can train an apprentice of any age. Elders have experience, masteries, and wisdom valuable to all endeavors.

                  We seek funding from those who share our vision and approve our convictions. We need humane providers.

         Yeah. So that’s that. I think I will go now and actually finish writing self-evals, so that I am actually done with this whole semester thing. All that remains is Div II.


4 Responses to “The Village (and I don’t mean the new Shyamalan movie… eh… )”

  1. s0starryeyed May 10, 2004 at 10:03 pm #

    that really gets me excited!!
    and i love your family, too 🙂

    • youngjedi May 13, 2004 at 4:39 am #

      Thanks for your enthusiasm. Let’s just hope some people with lots of money have a similar response. : ) It will be a terrific project to join up with if they can really get it going.

  2. Anonymous June 3, 2004 at 12:19 pm #

    charter schools
    “Charter schools provide opportunities for better student-centered education. They provide the chance for communities to create the greatest range of educational choices for their children. Charter school operators have the opportunity and the incentive to create schools that provide new and better services to students. Charters, bound only by the high standards they have set for themselves, inspire the rest of the public school system to work harder and be more responsive to the needs of the children. Charter schools operate from three basic principles: accountability, innovations, and autonomy/community-based management.”
    in california you don’t need funding from “those who share your vision”
    california likes alternative education (even under arnold’s governance)
    the state will recognise your school as a real school
    and even provide funding
    if you can show that parents want to send their children there

    • junorhane June 3, 2004 at 7:54 pm #

      Re: charter schools
      It’s an interesting idea, and I’ll bring it up… but as charter schools are public schools, they are thus expected to reach certain standards in their education, which doesn’t sound like exactly what we want. (Against what are they measured?) We also want the potential to be more than “just” a school.

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