“Hey Look!!! Cows!!!!!”

23 May

       Well, whatever the road-trip version of jet-lag is called, I think it’s over. And now I am in California. It only took five driving days to get here from Mass. Sadly this means I didn’t get to visit all the people I wanted to. Really, I didn’t get to visit anyone except Sarah’s family, and even that was short. It’s weird, I know nobody out here. Yet. Anywho, It’s the time I know you’ve all been waiting for, without realizing it. Yes, that’s right, I’m about to post for your reading enjoyment the list of handwritten High Lights that occurred during the Michigan to California portion of the trip that Hallie and I undertook. Yes. I know. The anticipation is killing you. You like anticipation tho, so it’s ok. And now, with no more delay (well, maybe a little more) the list as promised, separated by state:
        – We actually saw a huge highway sign that read “Get U.S. out of the United Nations.” It was red white and blue. (As if you couldn’t guess that.)
        – leaving it.
        – leaving it. (We weren’t there long enuff for any more highlights)
        – We actually saw a series of highway signs which read “Sometimes cops don’t arrive on time. What is going to save you at the scene of the crime? Guns save lives.” Then there was another sign listing a website. I believe it was gunsavelives.com or something, but I don’t care to find out.
        – “cheap” gas for $1.99.
        – leaving it.
        – Nicer rest areas than Indiana. Not that that’s hard to do.
        – More hills than Illinois.
        – It’s pretty… sort of.
        – “Belle Plain What Cheer” (I don’t know. It was on a sign. Town names?)
        – “Earlham” (It’s a town name.)
        – 75 MPH Speed Limit. (Which kept up essentially until CA.)
        – Free camping spot just in time.
        – Sex.
        – Fruit Salad and Chocolate Milk. For breakfast.
        – Kum ‘n Go gas stations. (They might as well have used a “C” instead.)
        – Giant Watering Utensils. (It turns out these are about as common as cows, but we didn’t know that yet.)
        – Cows. (This is back when seeing cows was a highlight.)
        – Flowers. Pretty blue ones. Don’t know what kind.
        – Dinosaur. (A plastic one. A big plastic one. In a sandbox. At a rest area.) (In case you thot I meant a real one.)
        – LEAVING (Nebraska was big.)
        – “smaller” than Nebraska.
        – “See!!! I told you there were gazelles!!” Probably antelope, actually. (”where the deer and the antelope play…”)
        – Green River. ( “…and Daddy won’t you take me back… down by the Green River, where Paradise lay…” )
        – Buffalo!!! And titche buffalo.
        – It’s not Nebraska.
        – Llamas.
        – Salt Lake. (This was awesome. And huge. Along with the salt desert.)
        – Pulling over into the desert to wipe the dead bugs from four states off your windshield.
        – A highway sign that read “Beer Crossing” (ok, no it didn’t, it said “deer” but we both thot it said “beer.”)
        – Sex.
        – Tumbleweed.

       And that’s all we have, altho we did make it out of Nevada and into CA, as I already mentioned. We just didn’t write anything about that in our highlights list. And now I should start to write the JC story. Which reminds me:
       Assuming, for the sake of argument (tho I think it’s a safe assumption) that we all want to live in a utopia, that we all want an ideal world to exist in, what does that ideal world/utopia look like? Probably it’s different for different people. And I need to know what it looks like, what is in it, not just what isn’t there, like violence, hatred, etc. It has to be cinematic. Assuming it makes it that far. So what does your ideal world look like? Are there flying people? Machines? Only trees and plants? Children? Dragons? What?

       Oh, and at some point I shall have to put up pictures of our “garden” in the backyard. As I find it highly amusing.


3 Responses to ““Hey Look!!! Cows!!!!!””

  1. s0starryeyed May 25, 2004 at 1:52 pm #

    my ideal utopia would be a world identical to ours, but where people behave differently. everyone would do what they’re supposed to. like, people would try their best in school, treat others well, rotate their tires, remember to floss, not commit crime, etc. that’s not to say there would be no conflict; there would be conflict indeed but things would have a happy ending. no polution, animal extinction, there would be illness but no death or horrible repercussions of said illness, things like that. not everyone would have to be the same; i’m not envisioning that everyone would go to college but the people would work at mcdonald’s because they dont want to do anything else and would do well at that job or any other. i hope this makes sense… i does in my head! hehehe
    p.s. i want to see the garden… i’ll help cultivate:)

  2. youngjedi June 3, 2004 at 4:30 pm #

    Michigan and Illinois remind us that you don’t have to live south of the Mason/Dixon line to be a redneck.

  3. chesire_smile June 8, 2004 at 5:21 pm #

    OOoh! yeah, definately dragons. And children; as long as we dont have painful child birth. Unicorns too. And faeries that everyone can see. And talking animals. In that we can talk to animals, not necessarily that they speak english.

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