Mischief Managed

7 Jun

        ”It’s always sad when a movie about magic ends, cause you have to leave and come back to the real world.” Thus spoke Rhea upon leaving our viewing of Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban. (yes, I’m still on about that.) She also said that she likes “the Werewolf guy” and that the constantly moving camera made her feel carsick. Oh, and that it was a “good story.”
        It must be sooooo different for someone who hasn’t read the books to watch this movie. There is so much not in the movie that is in the book that most of the film, at least the first time, is spent seeing all the things that aren’t there, spent noticing all the changes, all the invented scenes. It’s distracting. Someone who hasn’t read the books just sees “a good story.” I suppose those of us who have read and love the books are going to have to get used to not being distracted, if we’re going to enjoy these movies. Movie four is guaranteed to have more things not in it than movie three.


2 Responses to “Mischief Managed”

  1. chesire_smile June 8, 2004 at 5:06 pm #

    Yeah, it would be a different experience–they would *like* it. *snark*
    *grin* Love you, hon!

  2. s0starryeyed June 8, 2004 at 11:05 pm #

    i talked about that with lars and sean today actually- they said i would probably enjoy the movie better than they did because i have nothing to compare it to since i didn’t read hte book. or really know the story at all- all i know is that harry’s parents were killed, he is destined or something to become a great wizard, and he goes to a school called hogwarts. i think i know more about troy! lol. maybe i’ll see it.

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