And I thot They Smelled Bad on The Outside.

17 Jun

        So, upon very careful consideration while commuting to San Francisco and listening to it, I have discovered that the song “Can’t Fight The Moonlight” from that Coyote Ugly movie and by Leann Rhimes, is actually… wait for it… a love song (wait for it) written by Lily Potter for… (are you ready?) … Remus Lupin. Think about it. It’s brilliant.

        ”You can try to resist, try to hide from my kiss, but you know,
but you know that you- You can’t fight the moonlight.
Can’t fight the moonlight, no. Deep in the dark, you surrender your heart, but you know, but you know that you…
can’t fight the moonlight.”

        Or something like that. Totally unrelated… Hey C2 People (or, I guess, former C2 people…) did you notice if we got charged for our lounge to get cleaned?? Cause I think we did. Damnit.
        I suppose you might be wondering about how the internship is going, but… well… it’s going. Next week they’re going to start the newly created Internship Program which they invented for me, and it may get a lot better. So far I’ll just say that being an unpaid PA is pretty unfun. Even if I am working with a few people who worked at ILM and on Star Wars Episode I.


2 Responses to “And I thot They Smelled Bad on The Outside.”

  1. squirt_at_earl June 18, 2004 at 9:11 am #

    why does it have to be from lily? why not snape? bahahaha or some other lewdie. you’re very creative though- i love the connections youi make with absurd shit.

    • junorhane June 18, 2004 at 10:42 am #

      Re: hmm
      Snape? Lewd? Hmmm. Not to likely he’d be writing a love song to Lupin. Now James on the other hand… Don’t they call James Potter and Sirius Black “quite the double act” in the book? I wonder what they called James and Lupin when they were uh… well.. together.

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