Sider-Man 2

4 Jul

“but this story, like all stories worth telling, is about a girl”

         All stories worth telling are about girls? Is there anyone out there who honestly thinks the first Spiderman movie is about Mary-Jane? Is there anybody out there who actually believed that Peter Parker, who has had a crush on Mary Jane since he was 9, would reject her when she finally says she loves him? Because he has to be a superhero and doesn’t want to put her in danger? Sure, I suppose it’s a valid reason, but first of all… she was put in danger anyways, because everyone knows Peter Parker loves her, and everyone knows Peter Parker knows Spiderman at least well enuff to take his pictures. This same connection gets her in trouble again in the second movie. Second of all, he has loved her since he was nine. He called her an angel, we are told. (Did he watch Episode I?) And now, after risking his life to get money to buy her a car to impress her, after saving her life twice, now he rejects her when he finally has her love? Now, this is basically my complaint with the first film: they made Peter Parker unbelieveably stupid, especially with this rejection of her at the end. (Well, that and the effects were poorly intigrated and realized, the score sucked, and the writing could’ve stood to be a bit better – “this story is about a girl”? It’s called Spiderman… sheesh.) Fortunately, they make up for this in the second, much better, film. (Weird, the list of sequels better than the original is getting longer. Let’s see, X2, Toy Story 2, Empire Strikes Back… hmmm… are there any more?)
          The score is better, the effects are better, (but I can still tell when it’s Peter Parker in a suit, and when it’s just a 3D computer object made to look like Spiderman…) and the writing is… better. The reality presented in this film seems to take itself seriously – but only to a point, and then it makes fun of itself. I guess it’s constantly to remind us “comic book, comic book, comic book.” There are tracking shots full of screaming women, there are chainsaws in operating rooms, there are elevated trains in New York, there are balls of energy which quietly drown even tho they are supposedly like “the power of the sun,” there are key foreshadowings presented in planes of glass… all over the place, in lots and lots of scenes. Oh, and apparantly the world hates Peter Parker. He’s just… he can’t win. I don’t know why, maybe the reality of this film’s world is punishing him for being so stupid at the end of the first film? Regardless, I don’t want to give too much away, and I don’t want it to sound like I’m trashing the film either.
          It was fun, and it’s better than the first one. It has some of the best comic book action sequences ever in a movie ever. It has some great moments with J Jonah Jameson (”…get me a violin…” Later, cut to: a woman playing a violin… for Spider-man. Hehe.) It’s got a great? odd? funny? montage/homage to Butch Cassady? set to Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head. It has some great little scenes with a few other girls who seem to like Peter too, it has a lot of talking and charecter moments, and it has a really lame title. (Spider-Man 2? Sheesh. Call it Peter Parker vs. the World That Hates Him or something.) Oh that reminds me, the opening credits sequence/recap of the first film is really well done and a brilliant way to do it. And Spidey still needs to make more wisecracks. “here’s your change” is a start, but only that. “This is kinda heavy.” I like the hands catching Spidey before he falls from the train, but do they have to crucify/glorify/deify him afterwards? Oh right, they do. It’s a comic book. Right. And finally, near the end, someone tells Peter Parker that he’s been acting stupidly regarding Mary Jane. And finally, he listens. “Go get ‘em Tiger.” Maybe now the world won’t hate him as much… just his “best friend.”

2 Responses to “Sider-Man 2”

  1. s0starryeyed July 4, 2004 at 10:16 pm #

    i was going to go see it tonight with sean and brian. i’m a little apprehensive about seeing it because when i watched the trailor, teh villian with the mechanical arms (this is going to sound rediculous) really scared me. i found it to be very disturbing. i saw the 1st one and never thought i’d like it but really did. so maybe if i see it i’ll like it alot… but did u think that the villian was really scary?

    • junorhane July 5, 2004 at 2:09 pm #

      Otto Octavius
      Is the villain scary? Not really. Are the mechanical arms scary? Yeah, I suppose they could be. Overall tho, he’s nearly a sub-plot, and if you liked the first one, you’ll probably like this one at least as much.

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