Teaser Trailer

22 Aug

       From the land of dry heat and brown hills to rain, from a place of no tv, to a place of 3 – plus a screen and digital projector. It’s been a while since i’ve updated, and it’ll be a while before I can update all of you faithfull readers on what’s been going on and what’s happening. Since I know you hang on my every word, I wanted to just get this little bit up there now, so you know stuff is coming. Like a teaser trailer. But a good teaser trailer. Like the one for Episode I.
       I am, if you hadn’t already gathered from the above, no longer in CA. I will return when The Village is complete (and I’m not talking Shyamalan film… grrrrr) if not before. I am now biding my time on this coast until Hampshire will let me into my room. It’s nice to be back on the coast that has weather. And I have started writing The JC Story finally, which is good, since I’ll need to have the movie done by this May. Yeesh. And I am currently enjoying the freedom of browsing the internet on my own portable computer which connects all by itself and wireless at Josh’s house. And Shaye got me hyperspace!!! So I get to see all the Before the Helmet pictures, and the Episode-III documentaries, and the production artwork for the Wookie planet, and other cool geek things relating to Revenge of the Sith. Yay!


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