What happens when I’m up late and typing:

23 Aug

      So, the first assumed rule here is that my livejournal should be updated when significant things happen. The second rule here is that you care. The third rule is that if the second rule is false, the first rule doesn’t matter, but that if the second rule is true, the first rule may not apply, since you may already know of said “significant thing.” The third rule is that I really shouldn’t be allowed to just ramble on like this. As you can see. It turns into inane babble. Not screams tho, just inane babble. Shire. Baggins.
       Anywho, taking rules 1-3 as gospel truth (not that the gospels don’t contradict themselves or anything…) it seems there is a large backlog of updates that I haven’t written that I should have. These were hinted at in my previous “teaser trailer” entry. The first big thing, that I can think of in my current state, is one that you all probably know, but may not: I am the very proud and happy owner of a fabulous and gorgeous Powerbook G4. I’d post pictures, but I figure the first time I post pictures of something that is naked and sexy it should be a girl.
       The next thing which should require an update is (according to ical) our trip to Six Flags: Marineworld, where we saw Shouka, and Dolphins, and rode every single roller coaster they have which, while being a good amount sporting a lot of loops and upside-downy stuff, didn’t feature one standard straight first drop. When I say “our trip” I mean “Womark and Hallie and Vanessa and Holly and Dani’s trip”. We took Womark for his birthday, Vanessa is awesome, Dani is Easton’s girl, Hallie is mine, and Holly is my cousin, who came to live with us. In recent news, Holly’s older sister, who didn’t come to live with us, is now an exotic dancer in Maine. Strange turn of events considering they used to be born-again christians who wouldn’t talk to us because we weren’t. This trip, obviously, took place during the portion of my summer spent in Napa with the family. And with Hallie.
       That of course serves as a wonderful place to talk about an update on The Village. The Grant Proposal (email me if you want a copy, or have someone rich to give it to…) is still making the rounds, still being discussed, and still hasn’t yielded any money. We do have three vineyards telling us they will give us wine for fundraising events tho. In the meantime, we aren’t waiting around. The New Earth Center for Learning, which is our non-profit organization, from which The Village would be a breakoff project, has started a smaller startup project, New Earth Center. We joined the Napa Chamber of Commerce and started to promote the New Earth Center extensively. So far, we have had several responses from people wanting to work with us. It’s only a matter of time. As I said in my previous entry (or at least hinted at, I’m a bit tired now and don’t particularly feel like fact-checking myself…) my plan is to go to Hampshire this year, be visited by all sorts of wonderful people, make The JC Story, and then go back to CA and live/work in The Village. In other words, by then, it should be up and going.


4 Responses to “What happens when I’m up late and typing:”

  1. youngjedi August 24, 2004 at 7:29 pm #

    I’m jealous
    How do you always afford all this neat stuff? If I worked for the IRS, I might develop an unhealthy curiousity.

    • youngjedi August 24, 2004 at 7:31 pm #

      …especially considering one of the pictures you posted earlier. : )

      • junorhane August 25, 2004 at 10:29 am #

        Re: PS
        You know, if I worked for the IRS, I’d have the same curiosity.

  2. junorhane August 25, 2004 at 10:33 am #

    Reality-Distortion Field
    You know, this came up over the summer too, what with so many visitors unused to my family’s ways of ignoring reality, and financial reality in particular. I’m honestly not sure how we do it. We’ve lived at that house for months where the only person with a steady “official” income was Easton. I have no idea how. It’s not all drug money tho, in fact, I think very little of it is. Rhea just exudes this Financial Reality Distortion Field around her, and it works so well that people keep giving her money (or things) when she says she needs them. These givers often include extensive interest, but so far that hasn’t been too much of an issue I guess.
    The short answer is that we took out an Apple Instant Loan, and have low monthly payments to make.

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