21 Oct


“A word must be said here on behalf of the long-suffering Boston fandom, which has waited, well, a lifetime and then some for this one. Before the Series I received an e-mail with a striking concept from a citizen of Red Sox Nation, a 21-year Air Force veteran stationed at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida. He suggested that the Yankees were going to lose not only because of the quality of the Boston team but because of the collective power of the largest 10th man in history: Red Sox fans all over the globe, plus the fans of the 28 other franchises, millions of whom, down deep, wanted to see the rich and powerful Yankees get their rear ends kicked by the Sox.

There is a ton of anti-Yankees sentiment at large in the baseball public. Maybe all of that energy and the law of averages and this Boston team finally added up to this 10-3 stomping in the largest game of the season. And on this level, the thing is, the Red Sox’s players understand what their fan base is all about. That means that they also understand the endless frustration in Red Sox Nation when it comes to losing to their ancient tormentors, the New York Yankees.

So Wednesday night, when reliever Mike Timlin was asked what this triumph meant, he responded:

“This means everything; not for me, but for all the guys on this club who haven’t been there and for everybody in Boston. We have a chance to do something for them.”

That’s very good stuff. This victory meant a lot for the Red Sox and the Red Sox loyalists. It meant beating the Yankees when it mattered most, at last. It meant that the Yankees beating the Red Sox was not a perpetual condition, after all. It meant beating the history that said 3-0 could not turn into 4-3. It meant that the Red Sox were the real deal, the blend of talent and character that allowed for an epic comeback and an eventual triumph. And that last thing also meant that none of this was an accident. The better baseball team won.”


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