Transforming the World

14 Nov

If we don’t explore the nature of our minds as deeply as possible, using whatever tools are available to us, what kind of world can we hope to create? What kind of a world are we creating now? ~from breaking open the head

       Sarah had that quote up as an away message. I wonder if she actually wanted an answer. I think it was meant more as a pro-drug thing than anything else, but the two questions at the end are what fascinate me.

       What kind of world can we hope to create with the tools we have now?

       What kind of world are we creating now?

       When typing that second question, I made a typo and called the “world” a “warld” which pretty much answers that. Oh happy fate.

       I’ll add one more question (probably nobody will answer them anyway, since people are afraid to think about things that might challenge their current beliefs):

       What kind of world would we like to create?

       And now, because I feel like actually thinking, like actually exploring the nature of human minds as deeply as possible, I will actually answer the questions. smiley

       The second question is pretty much answered. With all that we have created, designed, invented, discovered and scientifically proven, the best we have done is create a world that is based on conflict. We have created a world based on hierarchy, on rich and poor, and thus on war. I hope that’s obvious to everyone, really. We live on a war planet. Because we made it that way, and we continue to make it that way. Everything we do is dependent on conflict. The very title of the book “Breaking Open the Head” describes an act of violence. Why? We live on a war planet, and violence sells. Why do we live on a War Planet? Because of that violent title. If we want to change something, what do we do? Declare war on it. Declaring war on war will work as well as war on terror.
       The first question is, I think, answered with the second. The tools we have now have been created with the goal of surviving on this war planet. I think that there are tools we have now however, that we don’t realize we have. I think this is what Daniel Pinchbeck is saying as well. Human beings are not living up to our potential. We are super heros pretending to be normal. (Sorry, just saw The Incredibles again. Such a fantastic film.) So we need to discover our power. We create the world around us. We create our planet with everything we do. Simple thoughts, fantasies and daydreams create the future. That’s what humans can do. We make the future. We make our planet. That’s why it’s a war planet, and that’s also why it won’t always be a war planet.

       Science and Spirituality have, I think, the same goal: to explain everything. To discover the way things work. Eventually then, they will start saying the same things. Watch out for it. It’s happening now.

       Which leads us to the final and, I think, most important question. Daniel should have asked it. Otherwise what’s the point of exploring what our minds can do? What kind of world do we want to create? I say “we” because I know I am not alone in the kind of world that I want, but it is important to realize that not everyone wants the same kind of world. Some people, human or not, want a war planet. They will get it, and they will go down with it. And they will take some Innocence with them. It’s sad and inevitable. But what’s not inevitable is our own destruction. If we continue to create this war planet on a daily basis, we will destroy ourselves and our planet. There’s no question there, and again, I hope it’s obvious. I hope we have moved past that point and can now actually start creating a different kind of world. We need to realize that “Ideal world” doesn’t mean “impossible” or “can’t happen.” Utopia should be a goal, not an unattainable place used for a metaphor in sci-fi stories. We need a world based on challenge, not on conflict. We need to realize that not only is this possible, but we need to dream about it. We need to imagine it, we need to live as if it were real, because when enuff of us super humans do that… it will be. We create the future. We create our world, and we can transform it into one that we want.
       That’s is all.


3 Responses to “Transforming the World”

  1. darksun2 November 14, 2004 at 11:44 am #

    “I’ll add one more question (probably nobody will answer them anyway, since people are afraid to think about things that might challenge their current beliefs)”
    I hope you realize this – you didn’t question your beliefs in stating your answers. All you did was state your answers. Where’s the bravery in that? Show people your process, make yourself as vulnerable as you’re demanding others to be in conquering their “[fear of] think[ing] about things that might challenge their current beliefs” and then you’ll be a lot more genuine and your process will be, too. Try that, instead of making a grand entrance, so to speak, with your answers. (Oh, answers! Finally! Someone to step up above the rest with yet another declaration of What He Thinks!) People really ought to be more vulnerable when they’re exploring and stop pretending like it’s anything more than that; because when all a person can do is state an answer with a declarative “That is all” that’s still just fear hiding behind firm declarations. That’s not the brave confusion that real questioning is.
    Too Lazy To Ask Myself Those Questions Right Now (or is it that I’m trembling with self-denial and fear?!?!),

    • junorhane November 14, 2004 at 11:51 am #

      I do realize that, but that’s because I have already gone thru the process and come to those answers. I would love for somebody to ask me a question that challenges my beliefs, that’s partially why I went in with the grand entrance. Perhaps I should have said that. Ask me something that challenges me, please! Anybody!
      I didn’t mean to insult or offend, merely to make people wonder if it is laziness or self-denial and fear that prevents them from answering the questions.

      • peregrineflcn November 16, 2004 at 4:52 am #

        Re: hmmm
        hey. i didn’t have that quote up as a pro-drug thing. i had it up becasue when i read the book that quote stood out as something that made me think my stance on the use of drugs for mind exploration. i belive you don’t necessarily require the use of drugs as the tools. I happen to believe that drugs are ‘cheating’, and that while you can use them, the benefits of exploring the world and your mind without them are better and more powerful in the long run.

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