Day Six

26 Dec

     Color: Silver
     Letters P – R
     Muse of Kinship
        Fulfilled muse of Poetry and Fantasy
         Celebrations Special Honoring:
     New Earth Academy of Nature and Human Arts (which is us… )

     Well, Christmas rocked. We had the train still going around the tree by making a tunnel in the stack of presents. It looked so cool. I got almost all the DVDs I wanted, and some money to buy the rest. I got the gift set of ROTK Extended, so now I have a mini Minas Tirith as well. It’s actually really nice. And THX-1138 is a weird movie, but really well done and good overall. It’s the kind of movie that Hampshire could compromise on and make us study: artsy and good. Needless to say, I will be bringing more movies back with me. And then I’ll be unable to watch them thruout the entirety of Jan-term. And Rhea got this… well, we got it for her… it’s a droid. Like, a real life droid. It beeps and lights up and spins around and vacuums your house for you. It adjusts to floor/carpet, turns around if it hits something, and just… goes. We just press a button, and it cleans our house. It’s damn cool. The cats are scared of it.
     We are all the hands that God has. “God” of course, is more of a family name than anything, and we are among the most important and integral members of the family.


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