The Long Awaited and Worked on (and long) Update

29 Dec

Warning: This entry is long. If you have been diagnosed with some stupid “disorder” that says you can’t pay attention to things longer than a comic strip, go away. If you just can’t read things that are “like novels” then don’t bother. Otherwise, please read it. Please think about it, and please engage with it, engage with me. It’s about the future of our world, so you’re likely to be interested.

        Who knows, maybe this will turn into a New Years entry or something. It’s certainly been in development long enuff. At any rate, it is about my life. It is the entry that I have promised and talked about and thought about since, oh, long before this break was born. It is about my future as I see it.
        Like most things I think about, the first context is very idealistic and broad. The future is that of a New World run by a New Reality in which there is no conflict, and in which everyone does what they want to do when they want to do it. Skeptics always ask, “Well, what happens when two people want something that conflicts?” The answer is, obviously, that that never happens. I can’t explain how that will work, or how this will exactly come to be, in fact I can’t really talk about that on anything more than a broad idealistic level. But it will come to pass. So ideally, where do I see my life in the future? In that New World. Perhaps that’s an unhelpful answer to the question.
        Ideally, five years from now, Hallie and I will be living in New Earth Center for Learning (or “New Earth Center,” or “New Earth Academy of Nature and Human Arts” or whatever it ends up being called) as house parents in one of the full residential student houses. That’s where I see myself at least, when I look at my future in a slightly less broad and idealistic way. Now, this is an old family dream, which I more inherited than anything else. It wasn’t my dream. It wasn’t something that I longed for as a child. It’s not something I’ve ever really put a lot of work into. But it’s something that I long for now because I know that it’s not just an alternative private school. It’s the New World. That’s been the largest shift in my future planning as of late. I have always liked the idea of New Earth School, and have always figured that it will be a nice thing to help out with once they get it going. But now it’s different. Now it’s mine. I’m going to start it. I’m going to get it going. It’s the New World and I want it and I’m going to make it. Ambitious? Perhaps, but hey, I’m in love.
        There is no one right way to live, and that’s a huge thing that people everywhere seem to forget. Clearly, the American Government thinks that American Democracy is the one right way to live. That’s wrong. There is no one right way to live. This means tho that the world as it is now is not incorrect for everyone. It might be that the way we are living now is right for a majority of the people, but unfortunately for them, the dominant lifestyle on this planet (the one they enjoy) is one that destroys itself and its supporters. There is no one right way to live. That also means that living in a sustainable community, in a recycled building with self-sustaining agriculture, isn’t the one right way to live either. There is no one right way to live. But there is one right way for me to live. And I imagine there is one right way for every one human being to live. I start out broad and idealistic because that reveals when things are heading in the wrong direction. When I talk more specifically… it’s more difficult, but perhaps more helpful.
        I studied stories, myths, legends, epics, religions, and movie making in college. I enjoy it immensely. I hope it’s something that I can always keep doing. I don’t even mind if I get paid for it. But I am not going to devote myself to “breaking into” the Industry of Hollywood because it’s just that: an industry. I won’t get into it because I’m not devoting myself to it. That’s fine, because it’s a most uncreative environment that seems almost entirely stifling of imagination. It certainly doesn’t seem fun. I like making movies because it’s fun. I like it because it’s art. It’s nice for art to get appreciated, but that’s not the only reason I do it. I enjoy making it, and if nobody sees it, oh well, I had fun and I made something. In Hollywood, money is the bottom line and that’s it. Occasionally, there is some creativity. Sometimes somebody is allowed to be an artist for a bit. There is even fun, every now and then. But it’s not worth it to me. From an Old World perspective, where success is measured by money and diploma, my education was a waste. It will garner me a Liberal Arts degree, and send me out qualified to do jobs that I won’t get, because I don’t want them. In the Old World, all that matters after College is what job I get. In the Old World, I will never be a success. From a New World perspective, my education is ongoing. Education never stops, and there is not really a teacher-student hierarchy. Everyone is teaching and learning all the time. I had fun in college. I met some great people. I made some friends for life (I hope.) I learned a lot about the art of moving pictures and religion and everything else that I studied. From a New World perspective, my education was a success.
        The New World, and New Reality, just makes sense to me. It makes sense to a lot of people. The Old World doesn’t make much sense to me at all. That’s why I always think about things from within the context of New Reality. It’s hard to do a lot of the time, and it pisses some people off other times. But for me, it’s much harder to think of things “realistically,” which is to say, from within the context of the Old World. So what am I actually doing with my life? On a day-to-day basis, what do I do? How can you help bring the New World into being? We need New Reality.
        Creating Reality is something that science is just now starting to come around to. Princeton is experimenting and theorizing about our global consciousness. What The Bleep talks about thoughts physically changing the chemical makeup of our cells, and by extension the reality around us. Scientists have long theorized that everything everywhere is matter, and all matter is made of the same thing. We are all tiny particles. We are all vibrations. Science, unless I am misinformed, doesn’t know much. If you’d like to help me, teach me about this. Teach me about the area where Reality Creation and Science intersect.
        Science and Spirituality have the same goal: to explain things. At some point, assuming at least a semi-universal truth, science and spirituality will start to say the same things. I think we’re almost there. I usually prefer spirituality because it’s easier for me and it just makes sense and feels right. But I love it when science backs me up.
        Call me skeptical however, but I’m beginning to think that science is like The Bible in that it can be used to back up any theory, any viewpoint. Has “the scientific process” (which isn’t the only scientific process, I don’t think) actually proven anything that we take for granted as truth?
        Most of what we “know” is based on a two-body principle: if body A and body B interact, assuming all other things are equal, C will happen. If body A and B are dropped, they will fall at the same speed, thanks to gravity. If body A is in front of a light, and B is behind A, the side of B facing A will be dark. This is all well and good, but all other things are never equal, and there are often more than just A and B. Can “the scientific process” tell us any more than that? Do we know what gravity is made of? What causes it? Why it works? What about light? What about thoughts? Science hasn’t actually “proven” much, from what I can see. Show me if I’m wrong. I want to know. All knowledge is just blind faith. Or perhaps, all knowledge is theories based on personal anecdotal evidence and experience. Arguing science to contradict spirituality doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.
        So we’re back to the what am I doing day-to-day question. I like to think that I am creating New Reality. I subscribe to the theory that our thoughts create patterns. Our thoughts are waves of information, and they can have a very real physical effect on the world, and our future in particular. We aren’t alone of course, there are beings that we can’t see, and it’s their future as much as ours. They create patterns too. They might even process them and manifest them for us. Much of the light in the world isn’t visible. Science has shown that, right? There are sounds that vibrate at a wavelength that humans can’t hear. Science has shown us that, right? I conclude that there are beings that exist in a similar way to un-seeable light and un-hearable sounds. I want a scientist somewhere to conclude the same thing, and to try and prove it. I would love for someone I know to discover that, to be on the verge of breaking open our common concept of “reality.” On a day-to-day basis, I do what I want to do, when I want to do it. As much as is possible. Due to the Old World, this of course isn’t all that possible, but I live as tho I were in the New World, because doing so creates positive patterns of living. I enjoy what I do. In the future, I will still enjoy what I do. How’s that for a New Years Resolution thingy?


2 Responses to “The Long Awaited and Worked on (and long) Update”

  1. chesire_smile December 30, 2004 at 3:39 am #

    Well, I have tried to engage you before, but you never accept. “I don’t believe in marriage” you say. 😉
    And there was no New Years resolution in there. a New Year resolution is something new, something you haven’t done in the old year, but want to do in the New. You, my love, have proposed nothing new. You just said what you have been doing your whole life. Which is wonderful, and I love you for it.
    MY New Year resolution will be to flip our current schedule, and have one or the other go visit *other* people, and come back to each other. That is what I hope for the New Year. I love you.

    • junorhane December 30, 2004 at 4:35 am #

      True, it’s not a resolution at all. But I like yours. I think I’ll have it too.

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