17 Jan

      How many houses does it take to make a village? Because now we have three. And four students. Well, part-time students, and really, we only have one house that’s being used for the actual New Earth School, but it’s still cool. And there is a meeting in early February with all interested parties to come and figure out who they all know and what they can all do to really get the New Earth Academy of Nature and Human Arts off the ground, out of residential-zoned areas, and into an actual school location. And shooting is going slowly, but I like what I have. Which reminds me, I need to get to storyboarding. Oh, and the new Mac Mini and iPod shuffle are really awesome, and I don’t want either of them. Excellent. And Star Wars Episode III is going to be really good, and tragic and sad. Darth Vader is not a bad ass. Accept it.


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  1. chesire_smile January 17, 2005 at 11:13 pm #

    Again, I think I am going to have to quibble with your phrasing. Darth Vader *is* a bad ass, he is just not a bad *person*. well, he is, but he has a good side too. He just kicks a lot of ass. What separates him is the fact that he believes he is doing good.

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