Exciting things

8 Feb

      Ok, so, things I’ve learned recently from the official web site: they are recording the score for Episode III right now in Abbey Road studios. The emperor’s theme, Imperial theme, Love theme, Force theme and Leia’s theme (!) are in the score (and probably all the other main themes too, but these ones were mentioned). The single is called Revenge of the Sith, and plays during the final duel between Obi-Wan and Anakin.
      The second (and final) theatrical trailer is done (except for a final sound mix) and is coming out in March. If we’re fast, the trailer for The JC Story will come out first. Ha!
      Speaking of which, the rough cut is at 38 minutes and too long, but still, it’s shaping up nicely. Does anybody know Hampshire people who write movie music? (Or non-Hampshire people, for that matter… )


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