New Earth Academy of Nature and Human Arts

24 Feb

        New Earth Academy of Nature and Human Arts brings nature, the arts, and Human development together for an approach which renews teaching, learning and attending school.

        Through re-visioning education, those of us undertaking this work have discovered ways of meeting serious urgent challenges of schooling. New Earth Academy of Nature and Human Arts has been well over a decade in the making. Teachers and students working together, by learning from one another as they examine the nature of Earth and Humanity, can continue to develop the arts of answering our current generational needs. This humane perspective engages individual purpose and interest. In the broad spectrum of nature and Human arts, there is a pleasurable enticement for everyone.

The Nature of Earth and the Arts of Humanity

        Our Earth is our only provider, our primary supplier, our ultimate warehouse of necessary goods. Earth and all Earth’s life, including Human life, have experienced centuries of ignorance, neglect, and abuse. Results of these centuries need to be swept away and replaced with work of wise stewardship.

        We Human stewards of Earth now have new knowledge about Earth realities. We have new comprehension about our present Human condition, which does not do justice to our true nature and quality. New understanding is gradually leading to new practices. Much that promises correction and healing, however, is becoming widespread too slowly in educational and other established institutions. Our Earth’s deterioration and our world’d tragedies are urgent, profound challenges to the future of our existence and to the immediate wellbeing and happiness of our world’s children.

        Nature is Earth’s offerings for our survival and nurture – a heritage bestowed upon ongoing generations, received too carelessly by too many for too long, and now in jeopardy. Human Arts, including the arts of mindal investigation, bespeak Humanity’s determination to understand, secure, uplift, and beautify life. Of all the arts, the art of daily living in harmony with Earth is crucial for every individual to master.

Bringing Nature into Schooling

        We care about what we invest in. Those with no investment in Earth have difficulty connecting with the primary resource of our Earthly existence. Many people grow up on paved streets and do not recognize that every object they buy comes from what Earth gives us. When that awareness is missing, Earth can become just something to walk all over.
        At New Earth Academy for Nature and Human Arts, awareness of Earth infuses, informs, and illuminates every school day. Our school year is divided into Quarters: Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer. In each Quarter, themes of the season underwrite study of the rhythms, the beauties, the patterns, and the complexities of Earth’s life.

        Bringing the liveliness of natural realities into schooling is a powerful integrating factor for learning. Subjects are no longer isolated from one another or from experience of students. This approach is so versatile that everything from pressing a flower to studying sustainable community living connects with some aspect of the curriculum.
        Current trends in standardized education emphasize what is already known: students are to memorize and pass tests about certain unquestioned perspectives of achieved knowledge. It is Human nature, however, to be inspired by what is not known. One of the magical features of bringing nature into schooling is that nature is full of mystery. We can admit that all we know and think we know is actually spiced with uncertainty and questions.

Considerations of Size

        Students learn from their earliest Academy days – whenever those begin – that they need to let us know what does and what does not work for them; they find out from experience that we are willing to invest considerable effort in discovering how to adjust the school day, in all its aspects, to the genuine needs and nature of each student.
         Because of this approach, New Earth Academy does not aspire nor intend to grow large. Schooling in large groups does not work for some children. Even when the teacher-student ratio is excellent, too many people under the same roof tend to inhibit individual expansive growth. Healthy young people have high energy levels which easily become scattered; too many of them gathered in one place make a harmonious atmosphere difficult to achieve and sustain. New Earth Academy joins the growing number of small schools who are demonstrating success. We hope that more and more of these will come into being to answer needs of students.

More to come later. Zoe sent the entire catalogue.


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