Exciting images

10 Mar

         Why are the UK/Canada covers of the Harry Potter books always cooler than the american versions? I mean, seriously – Harry and Dumbledore with wands out surrounded by a ring of fire(UK) – is way cooler than Harry and Dumbledore looking into a pensive (US). However, what’s interesting, is that there are two non-american versions of the book six cover, the “children’s” version, and the “adult” version, featuring a cool photo of a magic book. So, why is there a separate “adult” version of Harry Potter book 6? Is it because these are no longer children’s books (which they haven’t been since the second half of book four) or because there are some… more adult scenes in it?
         And while we’re at it, there is this:poster

The official poster for the last Star Wars movie ever. The final trailer for said historical film will be out in a matter of hours.


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