random thoughts, or what happens when Juno sits down to write at 2 am…

6 May

       That was the best last day of college ever. And now I am done, and The JC Story is done, except for the music, which Rhea just told me today Bruce can work on, with his studio in San Francisco, so that’s exciting. And Gabe is coming for the screening, (this sunday at 7:30) which is exciting too.
       I am suddenly faced with a lack of focus. For the last year, it’s all been about JC, and for the past 17 years it’s been school. And I’ve learned that a great many people use school (and then their job in the “real world”) as an excuse for what must be done before things that are actually important, like general well-being. Cause, you know, you can’t work on self-development or change if you have a paper due in two days, or an important meeting tomorrow…
       So what do I do now? Knowing my job is to go to CA and make the New World… what do I actually do? Other than continue work on The JC Story of course, which is also my job.
       Is the great failing of activism the concept that making people aware is enough? If everyone were aware, would that be enough to, not solve everything, but lead to a solution? If there is no one right way to live, can there be a solution to all of the world’s problems, without a massive planetary change? A massive physical planetary change? Did any of this make sense to anyone except me? If you don’t care, will you answer?


2 Responses to “random thoughts, or what happens when Juno sits down to write at 2 am…”

  1. darksun2 May 6, 2005 at 6:09 am #

    When I read this I thought of two things.
    1) Patterned chaos is the way of the universe.
    2) What has happened before will happen again. Attitudes may change, but human behavior will not.

  2. s0starryeyed May 6, 2005 at 5:47 pm #

    juno, it’s all in what you get used to. you are used to school, the JC Story. those provided a scaffold upon which you existed. i understand that it’s almost like it’s being pulled from beneath you, but you will land gracefully and learn along the way. in that sense, life is like school- its all about learning on the way. the only difference is, now that there are no guidelines for you to follow, e.g grades 1-12, divisions 1-3, you get to make your own guidelines, and have more personal choice and freedom. this is a good thing. don’t think of it as a crash landing, as i’m sure that’s how i would feel if i were in your shoes. think of it as a great way to attain ‘real’ focus, besides the pre-determined focus of yesterday. i love you. sorry if this sounds like bullshit.

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